This Weeks Sermon

This Weeks Sermon

Spy that dont lke faith everywhere, If I get cut off , catch up Later,
Do we as a race , a species judge others on who they are , there liniage or how they live there lives, the shape and working of there communities. If we look at the reason's we go to war- is the shape and action of anothers community a fair reason to interviene. Are we as human's subject to common Love - as communities large and small - can we look not only at people and how there communities take shape - but the structure and ethos of the communities - common Love , some may say that common Love is an essence of humanity - but as a truth this is not reflected.

Within our communities the perception of another - is it individual or for the most part, governed and influenced by media and fashion, interpretation, personnal beauty and the role it plays in acceptance within a community, Another Sermon Another Day.

Common acceptance , through hardwork and faith - true faith - were to accept is as always that perception , its use and understanding , perception as gullable, your acceptance of your fellow and his fellow community is pure and graceful that some see it as foolish , a simple common un-defined acceptance.

Within all communities and amounght all men there is friction - through faith and learning these frictions could be understood as like fear , a teacher, rather then an all and a cause for confruntation . If we could see that the friction between 2 men is as a reflection of friction between states, to understand that friction as a teacher is a same as fear, this is to take the long road with one's enemy to peace and understanding.

The term commonwealth, and the terms community and communication all have a thread of sameness , the concept of there being amounght us all a common, " What's common to us all?"" Water, Air, Eyes, percetion , a belly button, or is it common that we group together, we crave the communication , the togetherness of fellow's and the problem's as teachers that this brings - what this togetherness provides for our neibours , the issues it also provides for us as a species, the problem's provide as a learning enterprise.

Born with a silver spoon in your mouth, your path your learning - the strenght of your expeirences, pure individual - no other can claim the identicial. But in all its glory and independence , it is common to us all, the simplicity that you are a product of your expeirences , just as I , This independant path, is it random or pre-ordianded. Can we choose how we become - the product of our decisions. In many respect's it is pre determined , due to this above fact that at every twist and turn you are asked to make a decision - this decision may be as small or as huge - as fear , as problems as friction , they all serve to educate. So each decision serves to teach, our path to ourselves is individual, like no one elses, this is common to us all , but it is in essence individual.

Truth is one - path's are many, Common faith and common belief , regardless of each others faith the fact that we need sustigness to survive , water and the ray's of the sun is common to all men. Our different perceptions of our common faith and belief , bring us back to the fact that so much of our life our individual paths are common around the planet, the common that fear and friction teach , people of faith battle for day's and years, What they are blinded to see is the common fact that they both have faith and belief, regardless of differing communities.

peace jjakh