What is the meaning behind "Raise Your Glass"?

What is the meaning behind "Raise Your Glass"?

I love P!nk and her new song, I just can't figure out the meaning behind her new song! Can someone please fill me in on the ideas behind the song?
Please and thankyou! Smiling

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I think that it is talking about how everyone is equal, no matter how different we are. We are shown images of gay marriage, lesbians, blacks, Jews, Muslims, and just about every minority group doing what they do best, including the geeky girl and guy at the dance.

yea basically the message that song portrays is that its ok 2 b different. that if ur an outcast pink is braising ur glass 2 u. Laughing out loud

love the song 2 its f**king awesome.

I believe this song is about the people who dont quite fit into our steriotype of "cool" people. Its toasting the people who are strange or weird, the ones that wont be on tv because there too fat or ugly.. Anyway thats what I believe it says.
Steph xx