Why only tours in the MAJOR CITYS - Pink please come to CAIRNS

Why only tours in the MAJOR CITYS - Pink please come to CAIRNS

Pink - everyone would be saying I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN! so i'm just going to write... Pink your awesome! sing songs about the real world and what can actually happen to ppl. I love it.

I'm from Cairns in Far North Queensland and it always seems that the big cities down south and in NSW always seem to get the great artist's like yourself performing. What's wrong with coming to Cairns! i can assure you! that your concert at the Cairns Convention Centre would be MASSIVE and oh course sold out! i know a lot of girls who are requesting this as there x-mas presents and birthday presents because there are alot of ppl getting touched by this recession and parents getting made redundant..... Not just here, but EVERYWHERE.... I'm happy to pay the money for the concert, but flights as well just to get somewhere, we wont get any change out of $1000 for flights and tickets, then you have accommodation on top of that.

I'm not complaining about the price of the tickets, as i'm happy to pay the money to get to see an actual artist who can perform live, and sound freaking awesome! not like britney who mimes everything. Again maybe you should consider coming to the far north! i'm sure we can accommodate yourselves and your band and crew members! even with a beautiful full day reef cruise to the great barrier reef. The tropical North - you will LOVE!

Think about it. but i'll still be attending the one in Brisbane in July and also if you do decide to come to Cairns i will be attending that as well...

ALL THE BEST! and keep up the great work, with your own lyrics!