australian Tour

australian Tour

Just bought 11 tickets in the first round of the down under Funhouse tour!!! Game on!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

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i had the same trouble bj_care said tickets were available but wouldnt let me get them from there and then said it was sold out. It is s***.... i better get some friday as well.

I am such a mad fan i was in tears

Well they certainly weren't mine on ebay!! I have 4 kids and i'm taking them to different shows!!!!! I promised them after i saw her last time, that next time they could come too!!! Newcastle and Brisbane shows....

Well i'm just shattered that i tried to get 2 tix for the premium G/A standing area and they kept saying "available" but wouldnt let me have them, and i kept refreshing the page and all the other 'silver lower and upper' areas were selling out but GA still said "available". So after trying for ages for it to give up some GA tix i gave up, ASSUMING they werent available in the presale..thinking it must just be all allocated seating for presale.

Then i go off for work, come back and check, and now GA has miraculously opened and the allocation is exhausted. WTF?!

i was online at 12noon and it wouldnt hand me up anything!

I'd better get some on Friday...

yep i agree I just tried to get just 2 tickets for the funhouse section but were sold out in less than 8 min then I see 11 tickets go up on ebay for the Brisbane concert and they want to sell them for $250 and say some bulls*** that if you buy the pink pencil you get the ticket free ...


I hope who ever it is realises that they are scum and that P!NK herself would not think much of there scam either....

P!NK will release more concerts anyways I hope those tickets sit there and dont sell...

You should be ashamed of yourself whoever you are

11 tickets..... thats gona be a big group of you there! its gonna be an awesome night!

11 tickets just went up for sale on ebay.... some people have no morels!

May 22nd
May 23rd
Burswood Dome Perth!
See you there!

I hope my Mum can get presales for me.

We're all P!nk on the inside