thank you for your music

thank you for your music

Hi pink,

Thank you for your music, it helped me so much through the years of pain.
Your music always held my head up. I'm jealous of the people who met you because I never know how they do it but it never works for me. I wonder if you really read all those messages you get on your site. If you do I hope you have time and wants to mail some people back and I hope I will be one of them someday. I hope I can see you in person and talk to you one day. I went to your concerts, seen you from the stage almost touching your arm but it's not the same.

I wish I could tell you what I feel and how much you helped me through every moment.
If your music didn't excisted I wouldn't be here anymore.

I'm lucky I found your music on time and knew I had to stay who I am and never try to be someone else even in difficult times.

So thank you for your music, your voice, for not being afraid to say what you think.

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Hi You.

I also wanted to thank you for your music. You are one of those artists, (yep, I have to admit that there is quite many of them) whose music I can really relate to. Like that much, that it sometimes "hurts". So, thank you.

I don't know, if you're really reading these posts..? If you are, I'd really love to change some thoughts with you. So, send me some mail, if you dare Eye-wink

thenk you for you music when i was 7 years olg i start listen your music and i listen every time because is .the best ..