Essay:" Mindfulness " courtesy of

Essay:" Mindfulness " courtesy of


Recovery is not something to expect,it is,rather,one possible journey for each of us to make. It is not something that will be bestowed upon us by anyone other than ourselves. Certainly,others can help us find our own way,but they can not recover for us. It is up to each and every one of us to do that ourselves.

Recovery involves meeting every opportunity afforded by the complexity of life and asking ourselves how to make the most of it. It begins the moment we realize that recorvery is something that will not and can not be given to us and is,rather,something for us to make for ourselves. It is an exciting,dynamic process that challenges us daily to be more than we were a moment ago.

In order to begin the process, we must begin to think of life as a series of moments.

Often,our past preoccupies us so much that we fail to notice the moment we are actually in. Likewise,worry about the future can rob us of the ability to be in the present moment. Similarly,our emotion and thoughts can be so distracting that they insert themselves between us and the moment of life we are living. But the fact is,each moment in our life is life making itself available to us,and once it is gone we will never have a moment like it.

Each moment in recovery holds the possibility for something new, if we can just bring ourselves to experience our lives in the moment.

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Hi, very strong words... and very truth... at this moment me pesonaly solve some problems for what I ask my self right this way you wrote...I must say its the only way to survive that restless time relative calm... Smiling. It allways gives me pleasure to see your new post...thought your opinions are opend by Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

Thank you very much for your kind words and may I add that enjoy reading your post as well Smiling

Sometimes the best thing you can do,is to live one day at a time.

I always enjoy your posts if I see your username I read you have a lot of interesting things to say . Thank you for your input , dont stop.