to tkdnurse

to tkdnurse

Hi tkdnurse,

thanks for your effort to connect me on my email..I´ve wrote up back, but gotta report that connection wasn´t successful. So let me send this way a Christmas wish to you, everithing what comes let come in good, love and positive power in the rest of this year and in incomming year 2009 huge hugh bye Ela

Try to write normaly way an email or send me please yours
mine does Smiling

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Hello tkdnurse,
thanks for your answer, I send to you other email, but I´m not sure you´ve got it ..., then
I´ve tried to contact you this way... I have written at the same time to my other US & Aussies friends and it came no reply until now.... I´m sorryd - worried about Smiling , but maybe they have the same problem ... maybe is the problem on my email side. Please try that one more time on my personal email... and let me know if you´ve got my answer... Smiling thans. I hope youre doing well... as possible Smiling and joyned Holidays as well
bye Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

Hello Ela,
A big belated Happy Holidays to you too. I seem to be having difficulty with the mail part, but the chat portion has worked. I just have not been on over the Holidays. Hopefully we can catch each other soon. Take care.

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