Why are there NO US tour dates?

Why are there NO US tour dates?

NOT ONE???? Puzzled Not even Phillie??? Sad

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Yea, it sucks. I would be willing to travel to see her; however, I can't afford to do so. I understand why she wouldn't tour here though. I mean, she can headline overseas and the most she got here was an opening act for Justin Timberlake...Seriously?! Do you blame her. Maybe in 2010 she will do some small club gigs around the US and if not, I will wait for the dvd of her tour. :'(

I'd travel anywhere to see her but money is the hard part and it sucks she isnt doing US shows, anyone here agree she should mix the tour with oversees and some US too? like to even it out cause she has a ton of fans over here too

I think in US she just sticks to club/pub jigs, which are somewhat better - less people = more chance to actually 'see' her and talk to her!

But it is a pitty that she can't do her concerts there...

But like lorra said, it does just come down to money unfortuantly, she does make more headlines over here, for better reasons usually Smiling

We just have a bigger fan base down here... Over 45 shows just in AUS!

But yeah maybe she will tour the US in 2010 :')
Hope so,
all the best guys, but if you really want to see her you will e.g travleing ??


Has anyone heard a reason from Pink herself or her publicist as to why she avoids the US? I just don't understand it, a woman born and raised here who has millions of fans will do repeated shows in Europe, Australia, etc., but not give to her own people. I'm afraid the pace she's going at she's going to self destruct before she realizes where home is.

No. We have American Idol which sucks the, excuse me, *life force* out of music altogether. I'm rather positive that the people who have won on the show, are not able to sing. The only exception was Jen Hudson. Americans have too many artists to listen to, so it splinters everyone's attention. Hence, no Pink concert tour dates here.

I hate JT. He cannot sing a note to save himself. All he can do is whine, as FutureSex/ Love Songs demonstrated. I'd be happy if JT was not so big here. And he opened for Pink instead. (That's just me).


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will travel anywhere!

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So depressing!!! She really needs to make her way back to the USA to perform!!!

Unfortunatly it all comes down to the money...She is a headliner out of the country. Here for whatever reason not so much. Here she opens for the headliners. I know, I don't get it either. I was only able to see her once. Again as an opener for JT, I paid double the price to get as close as I could and when JT came out I left. The difference is the fans outside of the country bought her house for her. In the U.S well we bought her a car. Pickin up what I'm puttin down Eye-wink

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I cannot believe that we will not be seeing her at all in 2009! Talk about screwed! I didn't know Austrailia was big enough to tour there for almost a month!!! HEY P!NK!!! YOU HAVE FANS IN THE UNITED STATES TOO!!!!! I'm guessing I'll be one of the oldest ones there (I'll be 40 by the time she gets here), but that's okay! She ROCKS!

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I would travel anywhere, i've tried to get overseas tickets, sold out!!! let hope 2010 bring her home. we love her here, paint the US P!nk!!!!

::sits and waits::

Im willing to travel Smiling

I'm so bummed that she's in Europe & Australia pretty much all of '09. Maybe we'll get our shot in 2010.

i will travel anywhere in the us and shove out thousands to see her

THE FOURM IS IN 'P!NK EVERYTHING' It will have my name next to it!!.

yeah lets hope she hits over here.. i dont care if its in NY, CT all i know is ima travel..

I heard her say on a show over seas, that she will be touring for 2.5 years. Maybe she'll be hitting the states with-in that time. I sure hope so, because I would be at that concert!