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aoife 4 anni ago

See this in her Belfast concert, most amazing thing ever!

jennBradley 4 anni ago

Pink you are amazing! My daughter and I love to listen to your music and were blown away by your Grammy performance. I hope you come back and tour in the US before its over...please!

GiJovinski 4 anni ago

Performance perfeita! P!NK arrasando!
Só falta uma turnê no BRASIL! Eye-wink

Dmitry Ruseckiy 5 anni ago

Как фан, я рад что в Болгарии ты сможешь обходиться без подобных выступлений.

Мисс Мурр! Пологаю в США позабыли единственный естественный способ выведения TATOO, он выводит даже шлаки из организма, а Русский парень в отличии от амереканских помнит его и рекомендует тебе начинать прибегать к нему сперва с ножек,на которых уже колено

Pinkjr. 5 anni ago

How does she do that. She's an amazing woman. Would love to meet her. O_o



PinkJounior 5 anni ago

Holy !@#$, I saw her do that on VMA Awards and two things were going threw me mind," Holy crap, how the hell does she do that, who's her trainer!?" and "How the !@#$ does she have her arms so toned," I hope she keeps her arms toned. I'm not a lesbian, I just wish my arms we as toned as hers, but I'm almost there.

channy jones 5 anni ago

i av been 2x on her fun house tour she is amazing
i wanna go again Smiling
she is s*** hot
Channy Smiling

Channy Smiling

Dmitry Ruseckiy 5 anni ago

Как твой Русский парень подметил-беспокоюсь как за тебя так и за твою карьеру. Предлагаю в дальнейшем не применять трюки,ты индивидуальная личность,это и Сэр Пол подтверждает.

Мисс Мурр! Пологаю в США позабыли единственный естественный способ выведения TATOO, он выводит даже шлаки из организма, а Русский парень в отличии от амереканских помнит его и рекомендует тебе начинать прибегать к нему сперва с ножек,на которых уже колено

kellylopes3 5 anni ago

It's enought say...this is PINK

kellylopes3 5 anni ago
kellylopes3 5 anni ago
slyeeye 5 anni ago

i just want to say you were amazing lastnite going again tonight cant wait, YOU ROCKED, you really know how to put on a perfomance and win the crowd over, love your music so much, see you in a few hours Smiling best of luck xxxx

Jadey_Pink_C 5 anni ago

I went to watch pink in london since the tickets ran out str8 away.
This was the best tour ever!! Sober was the best ever the acrobats
Were absolutely amazing. I've been to all of the tours this was far
The best she played all of my fav songs was so impressed.. can't
Wait for next album!!!!!

Love pink sooo much Smiling
Jadey.. xxx

cake90 5 anni ago

I travelled all the way to O2 arena 4th may, it was the most incredible thing i've ever seen.
your songs really reach out to me.
i enjoyed it so much as soon as i got home i booked tickets for your last show in december (Y) =D hehe see you there!

mandypinkfan 5 anni ago

I saw you last night at the MEN... OMG you were absolutely AMAZING! Honestly the best concert I've ever been to, brilliant performer, fantastic live singer! It was better than I ever thought it would be! Thank you for a top night... simply the best! x

Jazzymoore 5 anni ago

nice touch with da heart Eye-wink


shezzy112 5 anni ago

you were absolutly amazing! saw you on sunday night in dublin at the o2! you were so moving... im a tough cookie but i bawled my eyes out at family portrait.... you were brilliant! my first time seeing you live and definitely not my last! be careful you tho flyin from that trapeze yoke! me and my friends thought you wer surely dead at one stage!!!

honestly the most amazing moving concert ive ever been to and im a concert junkie!!!


shorty69 5 anni ago

If i had the money i would go to every concert!!! WOW still get shivers just from the thought of it!

PINK is one Amazing Woman!!!

iheartpink4life 5 anni ago

I'd be scared to death if I tried hanging upside down swinging in front of people. Sparkly suit... Shocked

Wild at heart about Pink

pinkisawsum 5 anni ago


LotsaLovee Jordyy xoxo

imaminipink 6 anni ago

WOW i want her to come to the US SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad Smiling o and is that her breast with a heart on it cuz if it isnt im REEAAALLLYYYY confused Smiling Any way the pics are amazing i cant wait for herr to come to the US if she does decide to come to the US Sticking out tongue


abelune 6 anni ago

spectacular in concert! She had to give the shiver to us! and giddiness!!

Thank you so much for this great moment in Antwerp for the first of the fun house tour !
Good journey !

Denn09 6 anni ago

same as lettya.. it looks like cirque du soleil !love you Pink!!

RageOfAngels 6 anni ago

I saw a video clip of something similar to this during a performance of "Sober" (cuz' I'm a geek like that!). I was blown away. I was terrified, amazed, impressed, turned on, and loving every second of it all at the same time! My jaw just dropped, seriously. I can't hope and pray enough that you will be able to come to the US so I can see this brilliance first hand! There's something so yummy about danger, and the women that have the "balls" to conquer it.

"Underneath the ink of my tattoo, I've tried to hide my scars from you"

Lettya 6 anni ago

The most amazing thing I had ever seen performed in a concert. Impressed, really!!!!