to all u sad people who slated me on older pics! say wot u want but look were i am now!

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BekksRich 5 anni ago

You're aiight. But you're not really an Alecia look-alike, sorry. Sad



Thank You Pink 6 anni ago

Hey Girl <3
Just want to leave you comment to say that.. I think you are beautiful Laughing out loud don't listen to what those haters say (they're just jeaous)I l;ove your hair and you have an amazing body Eye-wink
From Jessica =P

<3 Jess <3

wibbly 6 anni ago

ur very pretty,great figure,nice pic....but...u dont look like p!nk,sorry x

14MILLZIE14 6 anni ago

Hhahah umm how do i put this...


lol no affence but, ther is really nothing there, at all!!


shelby581 6 anni ago

u still dont look like her im affraid!