Glitter In The Air

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petobabo 2 anni ago

Absolutely amazing !!!!! Milujeme Ťa aj tu na Slovensku, príď !!!!! We LOVE u here in SLOVAKIA. Come!

morten 2 anni ago

I have been looking for this video on you tube but it has been removed the performance is really beautiful and allways makes me in a good mood. but now i saw you had it here on this website but again it does not work for me it seems.
sad face from here! keep up the good work though peace out!

SalIsBroadway 2 anni ago

I think you are one of the most beautiful people on earth; I listen to your music every day and it inspires me to be compassionate, considerate, and above all a regular badass. I love you Alecia

pjs61 2 anni ago

Alecia, I'm probably about the same age group as your Mother; but I am crazy about your music,your attitude,your support for PETA & the animals,& since my parents divorced when I was 5; a lot of your lyrics really speak to me. You are totally badass & beautiful & I bet your a great Mom.

karensharon@hot... 2 anni ago

Absolutely stunning performance.
Lovely my dear.
I am a 55yr.. woman. I find your music, moving, meaningful, and joyous. Honey, not only do you Rock you *Shine sweetie!, You, are that one in a million talent, that has the opportunity to change the face of our communities.
Kudos to you young will make your youngster proud. Congratulations to You and Corey and the new wee one. God bless *Family. And may he (or higher power) bless your home and all that dwell within. <3

khufu 3 anni ago

pink funnie cute and I am glad to know and jus glad to know but the timing on the dances moves in tutu fluff out jus funnie with a smile thats all amen (:

mandarabe 3 anni ago

ARGHHHH!!! Video Not Working..... NEED P!NK !!!!!

python 3 anni ago

The video did not start Sad(

monicam764 3 anni ago

can't see the video. can this be fixed, please?

Loving Wolf 3 anni ago

It works too fucing good for me!!! Your Loving Wolf in Maine. 3 anni ago

Doesn´t work!

DEJESSEK 3 anni ago

This was the absolute most beautiful and moving performance any awards show has ever seen. Classy and sung perfectly. Rock on girlfriend!

Kathy DeJesse
Bellmawr, NJ

pavel fiala 3 anni ago

She is so beatiful.

matiass 3 anni ago

she is the best!i will always love her! y grew with her and i will grow with her until my death!! she rocks...

123riaj 3 anni ago

p!nk eres super

lovin15roses 3 anni ago

This song totally stopped me in my tracks, and not many do that to me. And when I finally was able to see the video, it was even prettier!
Pink, you are truly a talented individual and really love your softer ballads more, only because I'm older and not into the tougher songs, but still
appreciate your beautiful talent for all!

Ramses 3 anni ago

no,yes,yes,yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes no yes I will be correcting the 2 no's

We Only Regret The Risks We Don't Take

SweeTLovE 3 anni ago

I love sooooo much P!NK