Australian Animal Bushfire Victims

Australian Animal Bushfire Victims

Dear P!nk, I have read you are donating money to the Victorian Bushfire appeal, thank you so much, our country thanks you, you are so amazing, we cant thank you enough.

I was hoping that you could PLEASE request the Victorian Bushfire appeal to give some of your amazing donations to help save the animals of the bushfire, PLEASE, we hear off all the wonderful money given to the bush fire appeal and the phone numbers given over the news to help the humans, but hardly ever hear about the animals appeals, Myself and my friends all donate to the animal victims but most people are donating to redcross and I dont know if that goes to the animals, over one million wildlife have died, hundreds of surviving animals have lost their eyesight from having their eyes burnt out, there was a story of a dog found with his nose, feet and eyes burnt off digging up his owner who had died in the fire, the animals are suffering so bad and the animals rescuers were not allowed in to help them for over four days, I beg you please request even a small portion of your wonderful donation to go towards saving the animals.

When I heard that this fire happened I thought that out of all the celebrities that you would be the one to help the animals, thank you so much for your wonderful gift to Australia, we all love you, and so do our animals....


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well this is all new to me, pinks page etc, but i am not only touched by the gesture that Pink has shown not just by supporting our bush fire appeal, the RSPCA and the Bushfire Aid Cd, but advertising the appeal on her web page.

I am also touched by the spirit of my fellow Aussies. The postings I have seen and the amount of trying to get more people to donate and help with what has been one of the most horrible incidents to happen to our beautiful country absolutely touches me.

My American friends are deeply hurt and affected with the loss of life both to humans and animals. I am so proud to be Australian and see on sites like these what the "Aussie Spirit" has produced. It's very humbling to know that we(Aussies) have made such an impact that such am international act who is happy to be called one of us!!

Rock on Pink, we'll have you. And Rock on Aussies, keep it going!!!

Amazing woman.... 1/4 mill to our wonderful CFA who risked their own lives for others.
The support that our gorgeous communities who are struggling are getting is amazing, from locals, nationwide and worldwide. P!NK is also an amazing woman who touches all with a voice so pure... and now with her checkbook...

Thankyou for the animal support too ( l am a member of wildlife victoria and support RSPCA muchly).... Animals are so precious, our forests are bare without them.. it saddens me alot.

l cant wait for these concerts - your songs touch me in sooo many ways...
You are an amazing chic P!NK... luv xxx

If animals could talk - what would they say???
"Please dont eat me" xxxx

G`day Pink, You are a legend!! There are not many people like you to donate all that money. The poor buggers really need all the help they can get at the moment. We have raised two and a half grand at work plus a big truckload of food and clothes. We also made some cricket stumps for the kids, Aussies love their cricket and the Aussie Cricket Team went to visit the kids that have no home left to go to so it was bloody great to see the smiles on their faces. Can`t imagine what they have gone through. Anyway love ya music mate and good on ya for all your support you show us here in Australia. Take care over there, See ya in Melbourne Smiling

Dear animalsaremyworld

Yes, Nice thoughts
Yeah Your donation Pink is wonderful and enourmously generous Smiling :)

There is a thread for the animals under 'Off Topic'
with stories videos photos and links for places to donate to help the animals
Didnt like to cause any upset but here is a link for here

For everyones info have found these 2 groups which anyone / we can all donate to for the animals -

a. Wildlife Victoria (esp. for native animals)

b. RSPCA Victoria

(Pink does already help with RSPCA, esp. NSW I think)

Smiling :)