Coventry June 2010 Can anyone help?

Coventry June 2010 Can anyone help?

Hello everyone!!

I am really looking forward to the show and have already bought tickets for myself and some friends...

I just wondered if anyone bought any extra tickets for it? (I realise this is cheeky and just wondering on the off chance)

A friend of mine, who has a long term illness, is now on different meds so thinks she will hopefully be well enough by June to be able to come. She can't get out very much and hasn't seen Pink before so really want to take her. I need seated as she can't stand for that long. I can't really ask any of my other friends to give up their tickets and I'm driving and theres no way I'm taking them there and sitting outside!! Lol!

So if anyone out there has a spare ticket for Block 20 it would be greatly appreciated - I will pay the full ticket price plus the booking fee you would have spent.

Just hoping someone out there has an odd ticket....

Thank you