Hey there people. This blog is another review. This is a review about an album I have been waiting for for a while now.

As you can see from my myspace layout I am a huge P!nk fan. I have all her albums and I love them. P!nk to me is a artist that is not afraid to speak her mind. Perfect example is one of my favorite songs from her "Dear Mr. President".

P!nk's music I will describe as in your face but also playful and fun at the same time. Example "U and ur hand" was a fun song. P!nk is set to release her new album "Funhouse" next week Tuesday October 28th. This album has been a long time coming.

Her last album "I'm not dead" was a great album spawned some great singles like "Stupid girls", "Who knew", "U and ur hand", "Leave me alone I'm lonely" and "Dear Mr. President". So what will P!nk do in her new album to keep her hardcore fans and gain some new ones?

P!nk's first single off her new album is entitled "So what". This song was a punch at her ex husband. What made it cool was that it was a rock song with fun in it. It wasnt meant to be something serious. The song went to number 1 on the billboard chart and Itunes. Making it P!nk's first solo song to go to number 1 on the billboard chart. So what else is in store for P!nk and her fans?

Right now MTV is letting you hear the album before it releases next Tuesday. I took the chance to hear it and I will tell you that P!nk fans will be surprised and amazed by this album.

The feel of "Funhouse" is fun as usual but it also takes a route her other albums never have. This album is not as hard as the others. Pop/rock is what people are calling it. Her breakup from Carey Hart was hard and her fans will be able to tell by some of the songs.

"Funhouse" is a fun song where she talks about a house that doesnt feel the same. "This use to be our funhouse/ but now its full of evil clowns/. The words sound real and it is but it has a fun beat to it so the feel isnt so dark.

"Bad Influence" she talks about how fun it is to be a bad influence making people do things. It is classic P!nk and it is so much fun.

"Crystal ball" this is my favorite song on the album. I always like when she sings with just a guitar. None of that extra computer work here. Her voice is so raw and I love it. I can feel the pain in her voice. The songs talks about how you dont know what the fuuture holds and liking it that way. Cracks in the crystal/the cracks in the crystal ball/. Is a part of the song. Beautiful.

"Mean" is a song that shocked me HARD. The feel of this song is very much country song. To my shock the song works for her. Her voice is mellow and calm. It is real. Talking about how you become mean in a relationship. WONDERFUL SONG.

"It's all your fault" reminds me of "Who knew" off her last album. The beat is mellow and calm until it gets to the chorus where it picks up in speed and is harder. She talks about how its the guys fault cause he called her beautiful and now she feels something for him but he aint there anymore.

"I dont believe you" hits hard. Her voice is so soft here and beautiful. It isnt hard at all just sweet and innocent. She doesnt beleive him when he tells her he dont love her or wants to see her. They love each other and she cant believe he would feel any different.

"Glitter in the air" is another one of my favorites. This song is so beautiful. Its about being happy and doing things that make you happy.
Have you ever fed a lover with just your haNds?/Close your eyes And trust it, just trust it /Have you ever Thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?/Have you ever looked fear in the face And said I just don't care/ I love that part of the song. There isnt a whole bunch of instruments in this song. Its simple and beautiful and a perfect end to the album.

There are other great songs on this album. This album to me is fun and full of emotions. It is something I never heard from P!nk but it so works for her. Her voice is raw and real on this album and I love it. So next Tuesday October 28th make sure to pick up "Funhouse" and take the journey with her.

I give this album 5 out of 5 stars cause every song on here got 5 stars from me...LOVE IT P!NK

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the album is just out of this world, i havnt stopped listening to it...
I dont believe you has got to be my fave just so sad and meks u wanna just giv pink a massive cuddle
Bad Influence meks me smile n b happy, Funhouse amazzin, Mean is one of those songs tht just meks ya lay there thinkin... The whole album is just pure genius i love it Laughing out loud xx

WOW I'm Loving the album i cant say which song i love more! P!nk is the only artist who have the ablilty to say f*** the world and still rock! The best thing about this album is the slows. My assumption was that funhouse would be upbeat but i love it even more as the songs have so much meaning not only to herself but she knows her fans and is one of the realist artists EVER!

But what i love more is every album has progressed and it just keeps getting better and better.

I had the best day in my life when i met her when she was doing a free concert in NYC and she signed autographs for pretty much all her fans, it's this down to earth attitude, amazing personality and awesome albums which keep me coming back for more!

I <3 P!NK

love to every p!nk fan

I totally love the whole ''Funhouse'', but my favourite songs are Ave Mary a & It's all your fault! Especially, I think that Ave Mary a is her best song so far after Heartbreaker (b-side of Stupid girls!)! P!nk, Love ya !

The sky is the limit...

this album is soo good and the australia agrees as it topped AC/DC

every song is brilliant the only song that i had a bit of trouble with was glittler in the air but after lisening to it for 3-4 times i loved it

please don't leave me is fantastic i saw a clip of her singing it omg i cried it was soo much of emotion.

ave mary a has to be one of my favs

bad influence is perfect it has the best lines i love "lordy lordy lordy i cant help it it i like to party its genetic" and the fact she put that in to get a laugh out of her mum

funhouse oh so good love that she puts in that she climbs through her dog door, liturally. i wonder how big it is?

sober the fact she wrote it when she was getting drunk amuses me

boring its not acctually on the normal album but dulux or whatever (had to download it) but thats a great song

ba da da da da da Sticking out tongue

ba da da da da da Sticking out tongue

I just bought the CD last week. It has taken me this long to really...listen to each of the songs. I def'ly feel its completely up to the standard we have all come to love and expect from our favorite lady.

Not what I was expecting on style however..."So What" gave me a different sense (before release) of being a kick ass funny set-up, then in listening to it I find a very gutsy heartfelt and personal bleed.........I absolutely loved it.

Crystal Ball, Funhouse and Bad Influence would have to be my favorite ones though...even my kids know the words, they sing along with the CD....except of course for the bad words they know better than to say them....for fear of the hot sauce lol.

All in all a CD well worth 5X's the price I paid as usual.
My dd freaked out when she heard Funhouse - her reaction was now P!nk's Halloween Clown costume makes sense lol.


she is officially a legend, (not a LEG END ha)
hands down, this album is amazing

sooooooooooooo awesome..Loveit!

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

I love it!
Incredible album..Amazing! Laughing out loud

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

Before i start i'd like to say hi i'm new here and have been a fan of p!nk from the begining.
Pink just keeps gettin' better & better.
Every song is great my favs are Sober, One Foot Wrong, Bad Influence, I Don't Believe You, Funhouse, Mean, Coul've Had Everything & Why Did I Ever Like you.
Just wish W.D.I.E.L.Y. was a proper album track instead of a bonus track, the song ROCKS.

I bought the CD earlier this week and am thoroughly impressed. "So What?" is a kick ass intro. "I Don't Believe You" has to be Pink's most beautiful, sad, gut-wrenching song ever, right up there with 'Dear Mr. President." I like how she has branched out and expanded her sound even more, as a couple of tracks feature strings and horn sections. "Funhouse" is a loopy, weird and fun song. And the closing track "Glitter in the Air" is very sweet and pretty. A definite must have for all Pink fans!

Think the album is fantastic - highlights for me are Please don't leave me (now my favourite, although it keps changing!), Sober, Bad Influence (love the lyrics!). Mean is also a real grower.
I'm not that keen on the melody of One Foot Wrong but I do love her vocals on it.
I think the album sounds a lot like Kelly Clarkson's Breakway album.
Sober is reminiscent of 'Behind these Hazel Eyes' and 'It's all your Fault' sounds loads like another Kelly Clarkson song but can't put my finger on which one (her voice also sounds a lot like her on this track).

I absolutely love this CD! I can't stop listening to it...she needs to start touring...FAST!

"...there is nothing false about hope."

The new CD is pretty good - I love "So What?", what a great kick-ass opener. "Funhouse" is silly, weird and well, fun, all at once; I love how the tempo changes in the middle of the song. And I really like "Glitter in the Air," the last track. But the most heart-wrenching and beautiful song on the album and perhaps so far in all of Pink's career is the third track "I Don't Believe You." It almost sounds like her voice is cracking as she sings it. I like how she branched out a bit more with this album and has horn and string sections in a couple of the songs.

Funhouse is an album encompassing a lot of raw emotions! I can relate to many of them (its been a bad year!)
Sober - Truely honest.
Bad Influence - Yeh! I danced like a nutter to this too! But having been accused of being a bad influence so the song suits!
Funhouse - Not so keen on evil clowns! But very catchy tune, love the countdown!
Boring - Definately not!
See ya all!

I think that funhouse is absolutely awsome!!!! The media in the UK are being stupid and claiming that shes using her devorce to make money... too right she is... wouldn't you if you could? But writing songs and poetry is a great way to get over an issue in your life... lets out all the emotion!!! Oh and they didnt like her hair.... these media people are all 'Stupid Girls'... P!nks hairs awesome!!!!!!


LONG LIVE P!NK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just finished listening to FUNHOUSE and it has taken me thru every emotion possible. Well done as usual PINK. Can't wait to you perform it LIVE. The "SO WHAT" video is "AWESOME"

I love every song - no-one sings a ballad like Pink - so much emotion in her voice. The more I listen to it the more I like it. Can't wait for June next year to see her live - why do we have to wait so long?


P!NK ROCKS !!!!!


P!NK ROCKS !!!!!

Strange - I posted a reply last night - it looked like it saved it but when I checked today - it's not there - anyone else having problems? Anyways - I bought the deluxe version from iTunes and I love the new album - P!nk does it again! SO Far - my favorite is "Please Don't Leave Me" and the line "my perfect little punching bag". I use my husband as a punching bag from time to time - not in anger - just fun!! But the song does remind me I need to be thankful for what I have with him and not take him for granted. Thanks P!nk for always writing songs that relate to people and make them think "outside the box".

We're all Outcasts!

REVIEWS SHOULD BE A BIG OL' LINK ON THE HOMEPAGE!! Site graphics look great but navigation needs a little work...

Disappointed...Minus 2 or 3 songs this new cd lacks the "In your Face" attitude that I love about Pink. When my mom, brother & nephew died I listened to Mizunderstood & I'm not dead yet & the heart racing lyrics kept me fighting for my sanity. Would I suggest this new CD? Hell yeah, it is Pink after all.

I realize there was a lot obviously going on for Pink when she this recored this CD but she is so much better than the lyrics on this CD.

Keep rocking Pink. If I wanted easy mellow music I would toss in Celine Dion. ;op

Thankx for sharing your talent,


Thanks for leaving replys on my post...


P!NK ROCKS !!!!!

Love the new album, some of the songs are sad,my favorite is MEAN can't wait to see pink live in may next year love her music. Gail


Another A++++ for P!nk. She does it again. I can't wait to see her on tour - I hope she hits the US solo this time. I'll be there no matter what. I like all the songs - each one she reveals another emotion, they are very powerful and it's amazing how you can feel the same emotions, you can picture her pain, anger, sorrow, etc. throughout the whole album and you just wish you could have been there for her during those times. I'm sure all her fans would have been by her side if they could!! So far my favorite is Please Don't Leave Me. It makes me think about how I treat my husband and use him as a "perfect little punching bag" at times. He takes me for everything I am and I want to make sure I never take him for granted. We've been married for 11 years and I plan on being together until the very end. I'll be sure to let him know how much I do LOVE him.
Thanks P!nk for putting your emotions on your sleeve and waking my ass up as well!!

We're all Outcasts!

i love every song and it kicks ass

i love every song!! once again PINK KICKS ASS! I LOVE HER!!

I just finished my first listen through. So many great songs. Songs that stand out immediately are "I Don't Believe You", "Bad Influence", and "Glitter in the Air".

Thoughts on each song:

So What - Great song to release as the first single. I love the anger. But I love the vulnerability in the middle section as well.

Sober - I'm not really a fan of this song. It sounds overproduced.

I Don't Believe You - This song expresses every emotion I am feeling in my relationship (or nearly lack thereof) right now. I'm sure I will sing and scream the lyrics to the point of tears over and over again.

One Foot Wrong - This song kind of scares me. Lyrically, it's sooooo dark and suicidal. Musically, I like that she's wailing!

Please Don't Leave Me - I like this song lyrically. But it sounds so happy and it's not.

Bad Influence - I knew from the first line that this song was going to be MY song. This song is about me. I love to be the bad influence, you can ask all my friends. I can't wait to play the song for all of them.

Funhouse - This is the song that got stuck in my head. I can totally see the video for this song too. It involves a ringmaster costume (with fishnets and a patent leather top hat) and fire!

Crystal Ball - I like that she is using so much of her lower range in this song. It adds to the vulnerability of the song.

Mean - This song is very Southern Rock (it reminds me of the Black Crowes). I really like the sound of it. And lyrically, it really hits home for me.

It's All Your Fault - I really like this song but I can't really explain it. I love the high energy of the chorus. I guess that's really about it.

Ave Mary A - This song is really cool, but it's another one that I can't explain. Maybe I kinda suck at this reviewing thing.

Glitter in the Air - This song is beautiful. It almost reminds me of a song that should be in a musical. I think this song proves that she has not given up on love also.

Overall, I thought it was a great album. I'm sure some of the songs I didn't like initially will grow on me with a few more listens. Thanks for reading my thoughts!

First, P!nk is my favorite artist and I have all her music ....

Having said that, while this album is very, very good, it is missing the 'nasty rocker chick' attitude that I love.

I don't know if it's her best or not but it is different for her for the most part.

At any rate, I love the album and am looking forward to driving my wife crazy listening to it .. lol ....

Never squat with your spurs on.

i love the album and everything about it!!!!

i think its her best so far!

i love funhouse for the catchy tune and chorus, same for Bad influence, i guess that one has us all doing the dork dance lol, i love the lyrics in Crystall ball and i dont belive you made me cry!

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

It starts with the ass kicker "So What"

"Sober" has an emotional sound to it and is a standout for me.

"I Don't Beleive You" Is a sad ballad and we are taken for the ride as the breakup of their marriage it laid out in detail and emotion.

Her drug song "One Foot Wrong" is an amzing bleusy track where Puinks voice is at it's best of the whole album.

Please dont leave me. is a grower. i hated it at first but am growing to like it more and more.

Bad influence. is fun. I have never danced like a spastic before as i have with that song. all I can really say about it is "Lordy Lordy Lordy I can't help it I like to party"

Funhouse is really funky and catchy.

I CBF going through each song. the only dissapointment for me was "Glitter In The Air" I want to love it but can't seem to find anything that stops me from skipping it.

Overall 4 1/2 out of 5. (half a point off for "Glitter In the Air")

We're all P!nk on the inside

I Love it!!!
It is so diverse, fun, sad, exciting, challenging - it covers every emotion known to man (&woman!).

Bad Influence makes me do a dork dance.
I don't believe you made me cry.
Funhouse made me smile.
Sober made me want to get drunk!

Can hardly wait for the tour - it will be fun!!


Chick on 2 wheels! Ride well, ride safe, have fun...

it has hit stores and Itunes here in Australia this morning and I can say WOW it kicks ass!!

Finally I had the chance to preview her new cd "FunHouse" from MTV The Leak, and I'm not disappointed. Pink Rocks!! I can't wait till it hits the stores!

Wow, a great review! This album is really great. My favorite songs are Bad Influence and Please Don't Leave me. I usually like uptempo songs by P!nk and I would prefer if there would be more of those on this album, but its still great, so I'm gonna buy it.
And you seem like a professional critic!!!