Lake of Constance Concert -

Lake of Constance Concert -

Hi everybody,

I am looking forward to the concert this evening still another 5 hours to go....

cu there.Sticking out tongue

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I saw the show, too.

Well...what do you want me to tell you about it ?!

I totally lost my voice and haven`t gotten it back yet...

Was standing 2 m from the stage..........aaaaaaaaaaaaah Eye-wink

|W|hat goes around comes aroun|D|

Please let us know how it was??? In vivid detail would be good!!!

Yeah i know she'll blow the roof off,

i have to wait 113 days Sad

Oh well, the waiting is the best part, not really thats a stupid saying Sticking out tongue


Have Fun!
Laughing out loud
i still need to wait 87 days