Yep... It does! And I won't be staying in here... If the old forums don't come back I'll be goneskies! =(

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Ït´s good check out more, but I like this one... oh music4mylyf , amoorerocks youre very sharp Aussies galls Smiling great ...

Ela God Is a DJ

"oh and when you make the new "better" forum, come and tell us the address,
so we can tell you just how much it sucks!"

The reason I like you.

We're gonna get on Well.

We're all P!nk on the inside

oh and when you make the new "better" forum, come and tell us the address,
so we can tell you just how much it sucks!

X Ali X
Its The Fifth Day Of Ice On My New Tattoo

Harden up, if you don't like, make your own NEW one... or something is a good site to make them on... or maybe its do something that suits you///
i don't no, google it, but shut up on here, we don't care.
If you don't like it, deal.
If you can't deal, go f*** a tree. It might even listen to you!

X Ali X
Its The Fifth Day Of Ice On My New Tattoo

i want the old one back too..this one is just so confusing it seems... blaaaa

Well said MikeeT.

it startin to give me the s***s as well.

We're all P!nk on the inside

Christ sake, take a flamein chill pill!!!!!!!! its a forum for petes sake, not the end of the world!!!!!! Its gettin soon tooooooo borein readin the really stupid things people r postin on this site!!! Its a P!NKs fan page not the samaratains!!!!! If i were her n i logged on just to see what her "Fans" were sayin about her....well q uite frankly id be gutted!!!!!!!!

If u do log on my dear P!NKNESS We r not all morbin son of a guns, N i no im not alone in sayin U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out

"its just u + ur hand tonight"

Soooooooooooooo Stoked right now! Wohooooooooooooooo

***P!nK iz-A SPunK***

its back.....

Ang x

hey guys:)
oh god.. the old forum is soooooooooo much better-.-!!!
please bring it back!!!!!
ok, i have a question, is it only me or is there also another person here who can't get on the old forum anymore???
i really don't know why and it's killing me..........
heeeeeelp me....=))^^

Hey galls,
I´ve never been there, but when read your crying about the old one, I gonna be curious...tell me where´s the diference Smiling.... bye Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

Hey guys! Merry xmas!
We really want old forum back! I become other person on this one and threads get deleted soon. It`s just soooo bad. This is Sony,their forums were never good.

We don't know what has happened to the old one yet could be any number of reasons for it not working. It might be back it might not but Guys its sad yes, but not end of the world stuff!
This forum is different, it doesn't 'suck' its just new.
Seems to me like a lot of PPers from the 'Old Skool' are here so it will only be a matter of time before this becomes the new home.

i dont understand why they made a new one... idiots.

bring back the old forum

if everyone puts there pic as the one ive got or one saying the same thing i think we may get a chance.

so i'll cash my checks and place my bets and hope I'll always win..... The cracks in the crystal ball x

Billboard woman of the year for 2013!

hey guys do you think that the old forum come back?or is it cancel forever?Sad:( I don't like this forum,old one forever!

i want the old forum back again - cause you're right, this forum sucks

and merry christmas y'all Smiling



i wanna cry....

Billboard woman of the year for 2013!


bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please, i miss it so much!
i really hope that the one who did this read all the comments!!

Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to bring us together... Sometimes, it just takes music...♫

i agree with you, guys!!

why they canceled the old forum??

yeah I absolute agree with you my friends!

...please bring back the old one, sooooon! Sad

I´m right...and the other girl is Yahel, also a P!nk Fan! Eye-wink

It sucks big balls Sad

Billboard woman of the year for 2013!

whats going on!!!!!
why don't we have OUR old forum??
i hate this one.....


come on us oldies from the forums are so loyal,please......

Ang x

Merry christmas guys. Im just killing time till i can get up so i thought i'd drop a note for y'all. I totally agree this forum sucks. If its not back by the 29th im petitioning! I just had a brain wave what if we are fuelling the fire for the new forums as they can see that there's loads of posts here so think that its fine. Just a thought. Merry christmas b xXx

Becca xXx

merry christmas to you too hun!!

if they want this to be the "new and improved" forum, then they gotta allow us to do all the stuff we used to be able to over there, quote people, upload pictures etc etc, otherwise whats the point?!

Nobody Knows The Rhythm Of My Heart

Morning! Merry Christmas...


***P!nK iz-A SPunK***

morning shez!!

i agree, it needs to be brought back!!

Nobody Knows The Rhythm Of My Heart

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh it is not fun to be in here...
Where is the old forum... Why did it disapear??
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh I want to cry big fat tears...
Bring back our forum... So we can spread Christmas CHEER!



***P!nK iz-A SPunK***

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks!

***P!nK iz-A SPunK***

Sucksy Sucksy Sucksy Sucksy Sucksy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***P!nK iz-A SPunK***