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julzinSTL 5 years ago

You are SO fun to watch perform! I already had 4 of your CD's and my husband bought me the Fun House Tour Live in Australia CD and I LOVE it!! It's great to watch your show and hear all the songs I love. I hope you come to St. Louis sometime soon, so I can see you in person. My daughter, Aleisha, and I will be there! You put on a GREAT show and have so many great songs, I love every song on Fun House. It's the best CD I've ever heard, I love your old stuff and your new stuff. Can't wait for your next album! You should definitely win both Grammy's Hands Down! You have so much talent! I may be 20 years older than you, but I am a HUGE FAN! I listen to you almost daily. I can really relate to your songs, it's like I could have written alot of them about my life (if I had your talent; which I DON'T ) and feel like I know you through your music. I karoke you all the time at home lol. I sound pretty damn good too! You remind me alot of myself, especially when I was your age! You kick ASS girl. Keep being you and keep that great music coming!!


Dmitry Ruseckiy 5 years ago

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