50 sexiest girls in pop

50 sexiest girls in pop

hey just loging back in quickly to inform you all P!NK it number 10 in the 50 sexiest girls in pop chart am watching it now on smashhits channel the video is FUNHOUSE. i watch Smashhits alot if anyone was wondering. will keep you all updated with any more entries for her.

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my god pink is so much hotter and sexier than them though beyonce is hot but not near pink

Hahah cool, top 10 is good!!! Laughing out loud
So its:

10. P!nk - FUNHOUSE Laughing out loud
Yay, i like that title lol

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Top 5 are:

5. Britany Spears - Slave for you
4. Rihanna - Rehab
3. p****cat Dolls (all of them i think) - what cha think about that
2. Cheryl Cole (girls aloud) - Untouchable
1. Beyonce - Single Ladies

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