guys please help! need to make plans

guys please help! need to make plans

so this is my first pink concert Smiling and im soooo fkn excited ... but i need to make plans and am curious about somethings so if you guys could clear somethings up form me Smiling im going to the 27th june show in sydney and have standing tickets i want to be right at the front and im planing to arrive at the center at 9am in the morning and just u think that will be earli enough? and also with the merchandise stands do they open the doors to the foyers and let you in and they you have to wait for the doors to open to the main arena or? idk guys pleeeaaassseee help i would appreciate it greatly! Smiling

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Lol I know it's crazy the lengths people go to get really good spot to see p!nk but I dont blame them coz I would do the same thing lol.

Luv Liveloud27 xx

i bought all my merch after the show,the have plenty of supply dont worry

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

is there any merchanidse left after the show?

They have the merchandise open after the show

You don't need to line up in the morning I arrived @ 530pm at the Melbourne show the only thing is you need to race to get your wrist band then waite at your door entry, I was near the platform too

and don't have a bag then you will have to line up in a different section for security to check

so with the whole merchandise going with my partner so should i just stay in our spot and she can go and buy it from the tent when it opens up outside?...and also what were they selling outside in the tents??Smiling

My sister and I went to the concerts in Adelaide. We lined up at 10am and there were already people there. We ended up being at the front of the stage.

As for merchandise there was a tent outside of the centre that opened at 4pm. But if you want to be at the front, I don't recommend leaving to buy merch. Your spot won't be there when you get back.

i was standing when i went inthe UK, i was there at half 3 and got 3 rows back,going earlier next time

the show started at 8 (support act) and we were let into the building at half 6 but had to wait longer to get into the actual arena bit

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

When i saw her in the uk, we didnt have standing but i swear people had camped out the night before. they would sit all day chomping on maccy d's and not move