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P!nk @ manchester

P!nk @ manchester

I just cant miss this, the wembley tour was amazing (on dvd) what id give to go to this, think im gonna camp outside the arena for tickets i just cant not go i mean PINK !!!! is anyone else planning on camping out for tickets ?? ive never done it before but im prepared to freeze my arse off for this oppertunity. Kez x

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Do you know when the tickets go on sale for Pink at the MEN Manchester? I have been on MEN website you can book every other concert befor and after the dates but not pink what is going on? Need to get tickets for me and my 5yr old niece who is obsessed with Pink, so the fan who asked is a ten yr old too young to go and see Pink the answer i would say is no. She is a very truthfull artist and I would not mind my child being brought up with the same morals. My niece knows all the words to her music (even the swear ones lol) but lets have it right you cant shelter your children from everything just as long as you teach them right from wrong.

Trixi n Lauren (5yr old fan)