What Happened?

What Happened?

Why did you leave
I still can't comprehend
you said you loved me
and it would never end

but yet i'm left here
replaying everything in my head
was it something i did
something i said

i thought we were fine
everything seemed okay
i could've changed
i just need you to stay

is there someone else
do you need someone new
wasn't i good enough
i just wanted to be with you

i guess you've made up your mind
there's no turning back
you'll never find a girl
who's better in the sack

so take all your things
leave me alone
and when you want me back
i won't be home

i'll find someone else
find someone who really cares
who loves me for me
and won't bring me to tears

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avril lavigne....ewww...lol..not that i don't like her but still eww...Sticking out tongue
thanx for the comment though..i appreciate it:)



i like this it is kinda please dont leave me at the beggining but then its all lyk so what at the end lol

oh and "was it something i did, something i said" made me think of avril lavign Puzzled

Nostalgia is only made worse over time, if only we could go back to a time when we werent nostalgic.