Why no US tours??? I understand its about the money but what about the fans????

Why no US tours??? I understand its about the money but what about the fans????

I am really upset! I thought P!NK would deffinetly be touring with the release of her new cd. I was so excited to see her live and then I learn she is not doing any US tours!!! WTF?!?!? I am soo dissapointed! This sucks!

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Here is my guess:
Her audience is considered as way too un-segmented by US standards. Loads of classic old school blues rock intermixed with angry urban beats and an obvious gay and teen appeal. On the other hand, all her "juvenile anger" with the obscene language is also not consistent enough, 'cause its being mixed up with a somewhat left wing political commitment (and the "girlie/gay thing"), which doesn't appeal to the "angry" audience.
Nay, better stay off Pink, if you want to make easy money without the risk of being sued and accused of child abuse by angry parents, evangelists, politicians ... or Bill O'Reilly.

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Okay pleaee no one get mad at me..this is a very genral comment.... and it;'s not meant in a negative way at all.

in the US they seem to have a very different sense of humoure to us in Aus and the UK...They don't really laugh at themselves and take a lot of this seriously.

Pink is just so sarcastic and doesn;t give a s*** and I think that's why she is not popular in the US...it's got nothing to do with her music...the governtmant and some people in the US are extremely conservative and she doesn't go and follow the norm...she does her own thing and is not afrid to have a laugh at her own expense......I think the is too "real" for the GENERAL US public.

AGAIN..... I know there are lots of loyal US Pink fans and I personally have nothing against US people but this is just a genral comment on the way US people are...I do afterall have several friend from the US....and nothing personal is meant.......All good.!

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once again people keep saying why does pink do this why does pink do that and i think its very stupid that you still think pink has a choice where she plays. its not up 2 pink its up to the promoters where they want her to play and where she will pull the money in and unfortunatly the us just aint as 'P!nk friendly' as european countires. she has said in many interviews she isnt half as famous in the us as she has been in europe so dont blame pink blame the tour managers and promoters who are afraid of not selling out an entire tour in a day (like she has this tour) so its not that pink is a bad girl or a mean selfish person shes just gettin told where to do her job by her agency just like all of you do to.

so leave it out will you,
its not her fault,
shes doing her best.



I just can't see how she is not touring the US at all! I love her so much! Pink will always be welcomed in NYC!

Thats EXACLTY what i thought p!nk_4eva, they just dno't understand, its hard to put it in words over a post but, they just don't get her!

Well a large majority don't. Because if the Americans really, Really loved her, then why isn't she going over there??

Because she knows how loyal her fans are, and she would if she had to spend another month+ over in the US, but now shes realised, that no-one loves her as much as Europe and Aus, so over in the US she just does like club gigs and stuff, Smiling

Hope this makes sense ... Smiling

I always thought she was never as popular in USA as she was in Europe and OZ- that probaly being the reason?! Why cant americans accept they have a home grown idol and she is the best god dam thing since sliced bread!! Not like all the other fake, augumented breasted perfectos u get in hollywood. Maybe pink is too real and too raw....

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You make me smile...EuroSiti


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Lol nice jobb, smart one here ^^ Smiling


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I've just figured out why Pink is touring so heavily abroad and not in the US. Contrary to the common American opinion about Pink being an unpatriotic "traitor", she is in fact one of the most patriotic US citizens at this very moment. She is simply fighting to save the degrading US economy by earning as much foreign money as possible and paying her taxes happily (... did you hear that, Bono? "Happily") in the US of A.

Now, wad'ya think 'bout dat?

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I heard some rumours about her some of the people in USA is really hating her for being Non patriotic and mostly becurse she ditched the President (Bush) and the other b**** Paulin?

Same as The Dixie Chicks, heard that the radio-stations stoped playing The Dixie Chicks becurse they where considered non patriotic. Is that really true? Isn't there a law about freedom of speech?

By The way, if You here about a Gig in US "of the record" or on..Eye-wink Can I come and visit?
I would love to go to a small Gig, and not the 10 000 crowdy concerts.


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Good one, she really loves her fans everywhere, but she is only human like RageOfAngles said, and shes amazing anyways, if your really really keen, maybe you should go on a holiday to somewhere close where she will be like Europe and stay there for a while, and then go to a concert there, but remember, it may not be the same thing, but you can always get the concert DVD, and if your old enough, she will always have club gigs around the US, so head off to one of those, you'd have a better chance to be up-close there in a small club??!!

Hope you get to see her soon Smiling

All the best, and yes it will happen in time, and if you really want to see her, you'll see her!!

Good LUCK!!

x Smiling

If Pink was all about the money then she would have ditched touring Australia like Madonna and Paul McCartney have due to the Aussie dollar value. I think it's got a lot to do with popularity and places where Pink knows she will be accepted. She's doing 46 sold out shows in Australia alone! Her fanbase majority are in Europe and Oz, so you can see it from that point of view that she wants to reach the fans.

Wasn't her last tour of the US a tour with Justin Timberlake? Maybe the promoters in the states haven't gotten on board yet, maybe you should be asking them not Pink herself!

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it'll happen all in time..Demands are insane, but she's only human!

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