Alton Towers and Bolton

Alton Towers and Bolton

She was amazing at AT had a fantatsic day 'just,missing' Pink on nearly every ride we went on ,not that we were trying stalk but the words"you've just missed P!nk" will be permenantly emblazened on my memory:) ha such is life. Adrenelin highs from morning til night can't say fairer than that. We saw her at Bolton and she didn't seem too happy (although I don't blame her having spent my formative years there, I just hope she didn't leave the complex soooo embarassing) . But Alton Towers!!!, man she was on form and seemed to be really having a ball, The Black Widows were amazing, would definatley see them again, I don't know what Butch is on but I need some of that !!!Talk about giving 110% the mans a human dynamo. Loved the sphere rolling and the way she managed to get into and connect with whole the crowd with the high wire stuff was that really thoughtful, nice one, when she touched down upside down on one the scaffolding towers at the back she had a massive grin on her face, she just looked so happy, it was a really good feeling, only trouble is ya don't wanna come down again. Amazin night, hope she takes a well earned rest now tho and maybe gets back in the recording studio with Linda Perry later, the time is right now to re-group and get inspired and I for one can't wait to see what the future holds for our little pocket

Can't wait for the next tour but creativity takes time so we will all have to be patient and it will definately be worth it......back to work now.

Love ya'll
Paula xxxxx

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the song who knew was made for her friend tiffiany after she died xxxx
she was incredible at bolton. i couldnt get anyone to come withme to see alton towers-to expensive, i was goingto go onmy own! but had no way there or back Sad BAD TIMES xxxxx

i love alecia beth moore fo'evaaa!!!!
this used to be a funhouse, now its full off evil clowns,.... my darling WHO KNEW!<3

once a tickle now a rashh Eye-wink

I though pink was happy at bolton but if you remember when she sang who knew she dedicated it to someone and something about Tiffany who she dedicated it to was mentioned on twitter so maybe she was upset about that because after she finished who knew she looked like she was gonna cry to me anyway.