Australia talk

Australia talk

Us Aussies love Pink! I know she is visiting right now, but....
When is she touring here?

I can hardly wait for the tour!

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cheekylittlemonkey: I have to dissagree there.

I work and would not be able to go to several shows. I already have to finishe early to go to the one in June.

Plus. If I had the money I would spend it but when you have a car loan and debts up to the roof it's kinda hard.

I do think that saying. "I wasn't able to get tickets" is a bit of a cop out though
If someone wants to go bad enough, They'll get tickets.

We're all P!nk on the inside

A true fan would fork out thaose prices for tickets...god knows I every single show as well as waiting in line for the tickets. But i agree the people who buy the tickets just to put them up for sale for triple the price do deserve a beating!

Don´t try to deny...i am the Number 1 P!nk fan. I was her before ya´ll even knew who P!nk was!

Peace out homeys and homos

ARe you sure those arn't last years dates because on the Ticketek website it says well for example that Pink is touring Adelaide (Entertainment centre) in August of 2009
so check out Ticketek anyone whose unsure Smiling))

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Hi - hope this message does not duplicate. New to this. Can anyone recommend how I can get 2 seated together tickets to any of the Sydney shows? I am hoping to treat family members who have had a tough year. Thanks.

Good evening all. Hoping someone can help. I am hoping at this late stage to purchase 2 x seated together tickets for one of the Sydney shows. I am trying to treat two extended family members who are having a tough year. Official ticket seller indicates allocation exhausted for all Sydney shows in the seated areas. Apart from the scum sellers on Ebay - can anyone suggest how I might be able to get 2 x seated together tickets? And being a new poster - has anyone heard why Pink wont be in Canberra this time around? My thanks.

no news of support acts as yet, im sure we'll find out closer to the tour!

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I have tickets for Newcastle for both June and July - Can't wait!!! Does anyone know who will be her support - on the tickets it says
P!NK and friends.


How about meet & greets and a secret gig (say at my house!)


Chick on 2 wheels! Ride well, ride safe, have fun...

So excited....spending a fortune to travel to Sydney from Invercargill New Zealand in June 2009 - but partner and I have secured tickets to THREE of P!nk's Sydney concerts!!! (Thank God they just kept releasing new concerts...cause (3rd world) NZ broadband doesn't cope well with the pressure!!!)

After travelling to both Sydney and Brisbane for P!nk in 2007 I swore that I would spend whatever it takes to see her live again! Hoping to replicate my 2007 experience of being in the front row during the Sydney concert I attended. Can't wait for this trip - very excited!!!

Be aware that some of the Sydney accommodation costs are going up by a huge margin due to P!nk playing there. Some quotes we were getting back were for A$495.00 a night for concert nights - with comments added that these nights were way above full price specifically due to P!nk playing in Sydney.

There are whispers that P!nk will tour NZ (even with suggestions that she will do a CHCH concert, 2 Wellington concerts and 2 Auckland concerts) - but nothing confirmed yet. Decided that we could not take the risk....and so off to Australia we go!

Rob and Sandy
Invercargill NZ
"I will find you!"

"I will find you!"

Hi I have tickets to the Brisbane Saturday night show for 3 people, they are in the silver section! i paid about 370 for them,but i am due to have my baby that week!!!! BUGGER so i had to get later (tuesday) ones and con the inlaws into baby sitting. If you miss out on getting tickets for the 5th concert in july (on sale fri 21st i think) let me know! Happy to just get back what i paid not make anyting on them.
Good Luck

tjose dates arn't right are they like after she added more??? cause i have tickets for tuesday 30th and i thaught they were for acer crap how the hell am i going to get to canberra i was gonna catch a bus but thats unliky if its in canberra!!!

ba da da da da da Sticking out tongue

I can not believe they announced extra shows and I still missed out!!! And that night some scumbags had them on Ebay for 3 times the price! Anyone can't make it to any of the Brisbane shows, please let me know! Would love to buy your tix!


I have just bought my tickets through ticketek pre-sale for the newly added date - 4th July Newcastle. I'm so EXCITED because I have missed out on tickets many times before! There are some on ebay (F#*king vultures!) I can't wait a whole 7 months, its going to be agony waiting that long!!

GOOD GOD!! How damn hard was it to score just ONE set of tickets to just ONE aussie show?!

Lol! I was screaming at my computer and cursing every Aussie that was stopping me from getting tickets!

man i hope she releases more aussie dates, cos as it stands right now, the only tickets left are random seats dotted around various venues which is no good for those of us travelling from NZ to see her lol.

Anyways, i finally managed to score tix to a newcastle gig. THANK GOD!


Laughing out loud :D

yep i agree secret gig in tassie please.!!look at mowe look at mowe pinky look at meow now secret gig pinky!!

So Wat is my new anthem!!

Hey those dates can't be right- nowhere is selling Canberra Tickets so where did you get those dates from and does anyone know if she will be coming to Canberra?

Hi guys... I'm a newbie. Can't wait to see her next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saw her last year in Adelaide (home town) & was blown away!

Where'd you get these dates from?

P!nk is touring in AUS in mid 09 she's in melbourne on the 30 & 31 may at rod laver.

WOW what a week i had... saw PINK 3 out of four performances in Syd....missed Australian Idol (hmmm!) the Gig at Metro was amazing...... Killing me softly, killed me softly.... Alecia you rock, i love everything about you.... thanks for being you! just picked up pre-sale tix to June performance in Syd, will be there front row... im lookig for a kiss this time, i missed out last week always so close but not close enough!!!

How CrAzY are us Aussies!!!! im glad im not alone.....!
Kisses to all u P!NK fans.... x

Hi, I'm a newbie to the board. I am so excited that P!NK is returning to OZ. Just wondering in regards to tickets... three levels Funhouse, Gold and Silver. Does anyone know what funhouse means in relation to seating or is it no seats???

Got my tickets for BrisVegas already.....for both 12th and 13th June 09! Can't wait!!! Would love the chance for a meet and greet Smiling As would we all Sticking out tongue Love ya P!nk xxxx

bloody optus have a presale for the 6th and 7th june this coming monday, then mastercard on tuesday, general sale on friday 31st.. that is so so wrong??????

nothing about other dates in sydney

Tour dates aren't all i'm worried about!!! when do the tickets go on sale!?! I am nt missing out!


whoo hooo. my daughter and I have tiks to the sydney concert in June 09. Should be a blast...can't wait.

whooo hooo.. I got tiks to the sydney show in June 2009. I'm taking my 11 yo daughter with me. Can't wait...should be a blast.

does anyone know cost of melbourne show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not on ticketek yet

Australian Tickets

I've got my tickets for Sydney today 24th - went through who released them, where ticketek doesn't release them till Tuesday 28th at noon..

My daughter and I are sooooooo excited.

If you have Foxtel and you go to sky news and click on the entertainment part it syas the tickets go on sale on october 31st

Does anyone know the pre-sale password?

Sooooo happy, I have just secured my Pink Tickets for Sydney and Newcastle through who are doing their pre-sale now. They usually have their own allocation and they are normally good to great seats but you never know where they are until about a month from the concert.

They said in their email that tickets go onsale to the general public on the 31st October and the concert dates are:

PERTH: Burswood Dome, Friday, 22 May

ADELAIDE: Entertainment Centre, Tue 26 & Wed 27 May

MELBOURNE: Rod Laver Arena, Sat 30 & Sun 31 May

NEWCASTLE: Entertainment Centre, Wed, 3 June

SYDNEY: Entertainment Centre, Sat 6 & Sun 7 June

BRISBANE: Entertainment Centre, Fri 12 & Sat 13 June

Hope you all get the tickets you are after.

Hey does anyone have any clue where Pink stays when in Sydney??? lol

When Will we know how much the tickets will be each? And do we get fan presales?? Sorry for the 20 questions im New at this!

Tickets go on sale next week.

Check these links if you are in Sydney. Sydney Entertainment Centre 6th and 7th June 2009.


So I heard of fox fm this morning thats she's doing melbourne on the 30th and 31st of May thus far... she usually does us after Sydney and Brisbane (I think) and then perth and so on... Thats how she originally set out both Try this and IND but we all no how that went down lol..

Be sure to be watching sunrise tomoro channel 7 if ur not lucky enough to be there... and rove on sunday!!!

also, im having trouble signing up for email pdates how can I fix this???

Enough said

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Trust P!nk... Forget Stains!!!!!!!!

i cant wait!!! They just had on the Radio, she is everywhere this week.... Just wish i could meet her just once, wouldnt that be awesome

P!nk Rocks.


Pink was awesome on the ARIAS. Can't wait for her to tour here, especially to Newcastle, but, will go anywhere to see her.

Pink was awesome on the ARIAS. Hope she comes to Newcastle like last concert she had to do heaps of shows. Anyone from Newcastle who is busting to hear about dates?

pink you have to cross the ditch and come back to New Zealand! we would love to see you back here Smiling missed you last concert and cant wait for your next!

Far i hope shes going to pop over to New Zealand! missed her last time but really keen after watching her DVD its MEAN!!!!!

Hi Pink
Would you consider doing a secret gig in Newcastle, surely there would be somewhere that would be suitable, maybe the civic
Your one in Sydney was awesome

how was the gig last night morninstar? or anyone???

Kiss the sound that pounds your senses!



=) =)


Pink will be there on Friday, get there early though otherwise you wont be able to see her, people are flying interstate apparently to see her. Gunna be big!

i will definitely b praying damn hard that the dates r true, will try my darnest to get a 27th jun tkt for my bthday pressie for myself, go there n have a ROCKING time!!! coz i missed out the tkt for the metro gig =(

Pink - how about a secret gig in Melbourne?

Chick on 2 wheels! Ride well, ride safe, have fun...

i wish i got tickets! i was 5 minutes late!!! so if you have a spare... Sticking out tongue

it says Sydney on those tour dates twice...?

i think i will wait for the official announcement of dates in oz which shouldnt be far away i say.

Pink will also be on sunrise in Martin Pl Sydney on Friday Morning apparantly... i think i may be late for work Sticking out tongue

Kiss the sound that pounds your senses!

Anyone going to The Metro gig tomorrow night?

I'm so freaking excited that I got tickets.

OMG, Cant wait til Pink comes back to Syd, but how do we know these tours dates are for real?? where did they come from? where they posted by pink's management or what?

Did you all watch her on the Aria's last night??
she was awesome!

Fri 22 May: Perth – Burswood Dome
Sat 23 May: Perth – Burswood Dome
Mon 25 May: Adelaide – Ent. Centre
Tue 26 May: Adelaide – Ent. Centre
Wed 27 May: Adelaide – Ent. Centre
Fri 29 May: Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena
Sat 30 May: Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena

Mon 1 June: Newcastle – Ent. Centre
Wed 3 June: Newcastle – Ent. Centre
Thu 4 June: Newcastle – Ent. Centre
Sat 6 June: Sydney – Acer Arena or Ent. Centre
Sun 7 June: Sydney – Acer Arena or Ent. Centre
Tue 9 June: Sydney – Acer Arena or Ent. Centre
Wed 10 June: Sydney – Acer Arena or Ent. Centre
Fri 12 June: Brisbane – Ent. Centre
Sat 13 June: Brisbane – Ent. Centre
Mon 15 June: Brisbane – Ent. Centre
Tue 16 June: Brisbane – Ent. Centre
Thu 18 June: Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena
Sat 20 June: Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena
Sun 21 June: Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena
Tue 23 June: Sydney – Acer Arena or Ent. Centre
Wed 24 June: Sydney – Acer Arena or Ent. Centre
Fri 26 June: Sydney – Acer Arena or Ent. Centre
Sat 27 June: Sydney – Acer Arena or Ent. Centre
Mon 29 June: Canberra – Australian Indoor Stadium
Tue 30 June: Canberra – Australian Indoor Stadium

Thu 2 July: Woolongong – Ent. Centre.
Fri 3 July: Woolongong – Ent. Centre

awesome, now when are they on sale???