Belgium loves pink

Belgium loves pink

i hope that pink will come to belgium soon.Because i have never seen her in real live, she is an amazing persone.the way she does... the way she thinks....her tattoes...what is ther not to love about her. i love all her songs that why I have all her albums...

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I can't wait Smiling
I'm going 26 febr. and 5 nov. to Belgium Laughing out loud
This tour is gonna be sooooooooooooo cool !!!!!

I miss the old "P!NK in Belgium topic" All in Dutch... Good old times... Lol, wtf Sticking out tongue

Hi, I've got my tickets for P!nk all ready. I can't wait to see her performing live! Great singer, great women!

For all the Belgians: you can buy tickets on the site of Teleticket Service.

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love, than live without any scars.

I'll be there !! Sticking out tongue

wat is het verschil tussen de kaarten van 37 euro en 44 euro

wat is het verschil tussen kaarten van 37 euro en 44 euro?

wat een bullsh*t niks kaarten,het is nu donderdag op vrijdag middernacht,00:08 niks kaarten online reserveren.
is via internet tegenwoordig ook via kantooruren.

tickets are available from 24 October at

yihaa, P!NK is coming to belgium again...last concert in Antwerp was really amazing, can't wait.


Look on the page of

De tour start in België op 26 februari en doet na het concert in Rotterdam onder meer nog Groot-Brittannië aan.

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You can buy the tickets within a few days/weeks on the site from Het Sportpaleis I think because everyone is saying she's gonna be on stage there. But there's nothing on the website yet... Not a date and no ticket sellings.
In 2006 (I'm not dead tour) I bought my tickets on the site from Het Sportpaleis too. Smiling

How do you know if P!nk is coming to Belgium??

yeahh, I wanna go tooo!

anyone an idea were i can buy,tickets for the belgium concert?

greetz longo

Hmm, not a good date... got my skitrip planned that week..
Guess I will have to move that Sticking out tongue

I am not naked... I got my music on!

sorry anyone! lol

anyway an idea were i can buy ticket for belgium?

Yes indeed...

She will February 26th!