Birmingham 16/04

Birmingham 16/04

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this 'forum' game, but, hey here goes.

Am really looking forward to seeing 'P!NK' again next Thursday. Travelling up from Dorset with my wife, daughter and her friend and staying overnight in 'Brum'.

Have tried to resist looking at the 'You Tube' footage available, but I have to say, what I have seen of the gigs on there, it looks good.

So, anyone else mad enough to travel up from the South west!! Disappointed that she's not doing Brighton, (or even Bournemouth) maybe that's down to the fact they cannot accommodate a bigger show?

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i was on block 6 too!!!

But hey, at least we went & it was freekin awesome!!!

Catherine i know how you feel! but at least we were there thats what i keep telling myself anyway! When i watched the IND tour wew ere very close and it was just the best ever but hey ho! i was justa little annoyed taht tickets went ons ale before the official date but i guess i know for next time! she was still awesome! i took my daughter with me she is 13 and was not that big a fan before but now she is nearly as obsesseda s i am - i think its great as it means i get 'pink' blaring out from her bedroom instead of any other rubbish that she used to play! lol


I had such an amazing night! Written a blog about it on my profile Smiling

Pinkgoddess I know how you feel, I was sat on block 6, literally the furthest away from the stage you can get, but it did have a straight on view of the stage... X

It's like, you're the swing set and I'm the kid that falls

wow..people were passin out : O oh dear!!!!

we are goin again..October 31st : D

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

well,what can i say?she was just briiiliant!got about 6 people back from the front on rhs of stage,good view.i was right about the waiting tho,it went soo slow.loads of people passing out n being carried out as it was so hot n squashed but security did do a good job handing out water.queuing to get in was a nightmare,no one seemed to know where the q started apart from a bulldog at the front lol!deffo go n see her again,amazing night

absolutely awesome bohemian rhapsody and i touch myself both fantasyic performances xxx

it was amazing!!!!!!!

she rocked...shes just the best! No one will ever beat her!!!

Bohemian rhapsody was amazing Shocked

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

we're going nia today,waiting for time to elapse and my sister to get here so we can daughter is driving me nuts as she wants to leave like NOW!we've got a bit of a trek from peterborough,thats fine,its the waiting the other end thats soo boring!will be a good night n hopefully we'll get a message from the lady herself as she has done for the scottish fans,we'll be much louder n much more enthusiastic lol!hope we get near to the front(please god make it happen!)will let u all know what a good time we had xx

just home from the concert tonight....what a night, it was FANTASIC, well worth the 2hour journey to get there, hope you all had a s good a time as me, she was stunning and soooo good live, cant wait till Oct now!!!!

just home from the concert tonight....what a night, it was FANTASIC, well worth the 2hour journey to get there, hope you all had a s good a time as me, she was stunning and soooo good live, cant wait till Oct now!!!!

We are staying at Jury's ...... Not quite posh enough for Miss P herself to be staying there but hey ho....Well all that is left to say i guess is that i hope you all have an awesome time ( not really chance of not doig so!!!) and a safe journey for you all. Yes will prob spk on here after the show - i cannot tell you how excited i am but then i guess you have a pretty good idea as you are prob feeling teh same!!!! lol

K xxx

where are you stayin??

we are stayin in the quality hotel on the outskirts. Aww thats a shame, we got ours on the 3rd too. Hve to stand, can't sit haha!!! Enjoy the show, will no doubt talk to you on here after! Hope you have a safe drive! x x x

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

Lol - you are so very darn lucky!!!!!!! Wea re sitting in bloody block 8!!!! miles away from stage, my daugter is 13 so not allowed to stand and even though we bought our ticketys on 3rd Nov (a day before they were meant to go on sale!!!!) these were the best seats!!! so im a bit gutted really!!!!! but at least i will be there!!!!!
Yeah we are staying the night - too far to drive back after the show - xx

we are standing....hopefully at the front! Ha! You? Have you seen my pic wiv her if you click on my profile its somewhere there lol are you..ha yh me and my mate work together and we both workin tomoro so gunna b drivin everyone nuts haha!
are you styin over night?

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

Hi pink chick.... OMG i am so excited and so very envious of you! You actually got to meet her that must have been so awesome!!!! i would love to meet her if only for a second just to say hi... you lucky lucky girl!!!!! lol
Only about 48 hrs to the concert i have been driving everybody mad at work i cant stop talking about it!!! Where are you sitting / standing?

Kerry xx

Hiiii Smiling this is Spurzmad's daughter Laughing out loud

cant believe its 2 days..quite crazy really. Am packing tonight cos got work all day 2moro and wont b bk til evening and will need my sleep...oh and probs watch apprentice haha!

c u there Laughing out loud x x x

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

Wow, i bet, well i never know my luck! i will be in the same city and the same building as her, how hard can it really be!??? lol If only!

Only 4 days to go i am soooo excited i really am, i have been crazy about hers ince day one!

K x

Met her outside The Brighton Centre before the gig! There was only about three of us still waiting to go in when a 'lone' Mercedes pulled into the side street where we were waiting. And P!NK emerged, smiling radiantly as she does, and thats when my wife shouted to her and asked her if she would mind having a photo taken with our daughter. To which she replied'No problem' and gave her a big hug!! It made her day/year etc!! (she is 16 incidently)

OMG How amazing!!!! i would love to meet her i really would!!!!! How did you meet her before? was it outside a venue or hotel? God if only that would really make my year! lol.

How old is your daughter? mine is 13 and nearly as excited as i am about going it will be her first 'real' concert! she has been to see westlife but hey no comparison to the one and only Pink!!

Have fun

K x

Hi 'pinkgoddess'6969'

Yeh, we're coming up from Weymouth, so gotta go to Taunton to pick up M5. Never been to NIA before, but we've seen her twice before, and was lucky enough to meet her in Brighton, where my daughter had a photo with her. Still has pride of place in our front room!! Don't think we'll be that lucky this time, but as long as we get a good view I won't mind!! Stayin' at the Quality Hotel, Edgbaston not too far from NIA.

Yes Indeed, wea re travelling to B'hM from Taunton,myself, my hubby andmy daughter!!! Can't wait she is amazing!!! I saw her in 06 in Bournemouth was amazing that is such a great venue!!! Not too sure about the NIA it is soooooo much bigger and i really hope i can get to actually see her!!!! We are staying up in B'ham too, Enjoy the show! xx