A curse

A curse

Women around the world will confirm
That there is nothing worse than
To become involved
With a psychopath

How is it that they wend their way
Into your life and then turn it
Into a nightmare
You cannot escape?

And how can it be that I find myself
In that same place, cursed, affronted
By someone who will not
Leave me alone?

What is the remedy?
To wait near the door with a hammer
Hopping or not that if his head appears
I will have the courage

To smash it with all my force
And put an end to something
That should have never been let,
Never been allowed

To make matters worse
It is family, so I wonder why it
Is this way, while praying that if it
Comes to that

I will find the courage to
Bash his head in
Without a second of

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oi ga ga just spray him with fly spray blind the fucker Smiling

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

Don't worry it's not like that. The deal is that I have a psychotic brother who keeps threatening me, and he is a real nut job. I wouldn't do anything stupid but if he shows up here he isn't coming over for turkey. I still have a right to self defense, and I am tired of reading about people who file restraining orders then get murdered by the very people they were trying to get away from. f*** it then. He shows up here break his head open. Figure I would be doing the world a service at this point as he has left a long string of victims in his path over many years. (Hope it doesn't come to that though, really)


hey mate do not do stupid things that you would regret later...if you kill someone i dont think that will solve your problems but would create even larger ones...seek help instead of taking things with your own hand....hang in there...by time things will get better and they even make you stronger.

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im bashing the curse finally after 35 years gaga im scared/ frightened cause this curse wil b lifted but at wat cost ?
stay strong u hav many peeps here that r happy u r bak , i know im happy u r here Smiling <3 2 u

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit