DEDE the sex addict

DEDE the sex addict

ya'll heard P!nk is gonna play a sex addict with gwenyth paltrow in a movie?? forgot what its called but definately gonna c that...

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Wow! that's BIG! I'll definitely dig it. Thanks for the update. Retirement Plan

Thanks for sharing and pink on the big screen!!!! yes please x

Meeting p!nk twice in one day...#breathtaking! Pink has changed my life and brought some amazing people into it! she fights for the underdog and uses her fame for the greater good! Im proud to be a DirtyLittleFreak...I love ya gurl x

This site is awesome! I am a big PINK fan. I actually have the complete collection of her albums and I've got my wall covered with her posters. Florida Business Attorney

lmao! @r smith, I think you M!ssundaztood...the film name is "Thanks for sharing" Smiling

Official P!nkian >> 'P!nk's Panty Hoe!'
# Amen! Long Live P!nk #

Don't mess with WELLARD

Are you serious with the thanks for sharing thing? lol
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its called "Thanks for sharing"