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the diary of ivy jacquier

the diary of ivy jacquier

I saw the new year come in standing in the mud beneath a sky alight with fireworks at the American camp , arm in arm with an Americian Aviator , dancing , flirting healthy sport , leaving no nerves as balls in thee old days , not searing , just ridiculous and funny, the americians here , mostly not gentalmen , but behaving as such to us , we dined at long tables , there were healthy songs , doris had a Texas colonel , me an engineer from San Fransisco , and we danced , ceaselessly, in a dardish hall followed fitfully by green , orange , violet , limelight , fascinating barbaric foxtrotts to the drums , cymbal , piano and fiddle , home at a quarter to three in their car , with hands clasped together to laugh over it , last year the clinique! May i draw well , and live , the life i am intended to , our own room helps , things sift in one's mind , of England there remains the child music .....but above all the individual liberty one enjoys there ,

Taken fro the Dairy of Ivy jacquier 1960

praise the Lord

peace jjakh