festval cums to stadium of light woo hoo

festval cums to stadium of light woo hoo

well i just ordered me tickets through a pre sale email i recieved,i'm so excited n couldnt sleep last night.went to newcastle last april it was amazing a was right in the front took loads of fab piccy's..one of the best concerts i have been to eva.n wow she can really perform.amazing just love her xx mwah xx

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i cant wait !!!!!! starting the summer off going to sunderland then 2 weeks later doing a pink road trip to glasgow with a friend where we gonna arrive few days before carnival get pink tattoos, meet the band, watch the funhouse carnival then drive during the night down to alton towers to watch the carnival there then back into alton the next day to enjoy the rides etc !!

not sure it says 10.00 on the pre sale ticket so im not sure ill let u know better wen my tickets arrive.x

I've already booked for Alton Towers not sure whether to get these ones too, is the sunderland concert on during the day??