So glad she's opening UK tour in Glasgow what a weekend that will be April the 11th AND 12th

Then Aberdeen on the 13th what a week CANNOT WAIT <3

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Theres no fuking tickets Sad

Becca xXx

I Got My Ticket This Morning Woohooo Laughing out loud Can't Wait Eye-wink x

My friend and I will be at the SECC on the Sunday, I can't wait! This will be the first time I have seen P!nk live and it will be an amazing show.

All the concerts I have been to at the SECC have been fantastic, I'm sure P!nk won't disappoint us! Smiling

Good grief!!! What a morning!!!

The SECC site kept crashing; Ticketmaster wasn't showing any tickets; and it took me 20 minutes to get through to the SECC on the phone to be told at 9.22 that the gig was sold out.

I had to resort to paying £130 for 2 tickets via Ebay.

I grudge paying a tout more than the cover price, but I've seen every other gig she's done in Glasgow.

My overdraft hates me Sad

Oh i cannot wait to get my tickets for this i have been waiting on this day forever a gig i have always wanted to see. Smiling

Its official I will be @ the Glasgow gig Cool lets hope she tears it up like she did in Edinburgh Smiling

~ Answers only bring more questions ~

Got my Tickets! pre-order code came through yesterday and got them with ticketmaste today!
Cant wait!

I`ve just joined this pretty cool site and i`m soo happy that Pink is touring here again and Kicking it all off in Glasgow!!! Smiling I Hope by the time the concert comes round i`ll maange to get tickets as i`m a fan of another UK artist Eye-wink and he`s just about to start touring so i`m skint at the mo! Boo Sad

Hope I get tickets somewhere, She was Awesome at Edinburgh Castle!

the tickets don't come out till the 4th of nov lol. thats why ticketmaster wont have them up yet
check back on the 4th and they should be there. who was at edinburgh castle last yr? was f***ing awesome and i cant wait till april. and her new album<3 LOVE IT!

No problem :]
Though I am a bit worried at the fact ticketmaster doesn't say that she's even playing Scotland at all. Hopefully they put it up soon :]

Thanks -Gillian- =]

I was going to use the secc website but I think I might use ticketmaster instead, Iv heard only good things!
Here's hoping we get the tickets.

Thanks again =]

So so what...I'm still a rock star...I got my rock moves!

Bring on April !!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The tickets are £32.50 as far as I can tell, but I assume that's without the extra postage and fees. Not sure which website you should use, I'm going to use ticketmaster just 'cause that's normally where I get my tickets from Smiling
When I saw Paramore they said Glasgow was the best crowd =] Though they mught say that a lot!!

Hi, sorry this is my first post (newbie here) so if I sound like an idiot please overlook it lol.

I was ecstatic to find out Pink was touring the UK again as I never managed to make it last time she was here. I would absolutely love love love to get tickets but I'm kind of new to all this.

What advice could you guys give me?
Should I phone super early or book online?
Should I go through the SECC website or another one?
How much is the average booking fee. I will put around £90 in my card as I want two tickets.
What do you fellow pink fans think?

Please any help would be great, thanks in advance =]

So so what...I'm still a rock star...I got my rock moves!

Great stuff and she was awesome the last time.

i will be there!
i hope she goes to edinburgh castle again sometime in the future Smiling



They do say Glasgow has the best crowd anywhere!!
Its gonna be a great show!

Bonnie Scotland!