Going in another trap

Going in another trap

Life is a sharp trap
You solve a problem and end up in another
Thinking you are free
In real you are in a worse situation
You end up never getting rid of this frustration

Life is just a game
Either you lose or win
In this complicated journey you always swim
When you think it is finally over
You find something harder
Trapping you, not leaving you going on further

You keep struggling to survive
Never feeling actually alive
You are existing and not living
Where is that simple childhood?
Where you had not a care in the world
You pay millions to get it back
Guess it soared away like a flying plane
To try and win it again, it is all in vain

You grew up so quickly
Constraints not letting you taking a gasp
Time ran away so fast
Your beautiful childhood ended up in dust

You are not your parents’ little girl anymore
By them you are not protected
This independent life that you have selected
Is tearing you a part bit by bit
In this never ending road you are trying to fit

It is only when your road ends
The time comes for you to rest
Because certainly this life you have is not your nest
You have to keep on fighting against these snaps
Your happiness suddenly away, it always flaps.