Liverpool Echo Arena show

Liverpool Echo Arena show

Oh my god!!!
Firstly let me just say how amazing Pink was
We arrived there at 9.30am and was right at the front of the stage against the barriers!
We were so close to Pink if she had reached out we could have touched her, I have the most amazing pictures, BUT the hightlight of the night for me was when Pink sang Leave Me Alone and blew me a kiss!
I will be in shock for years to come!

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Hey Cat

Yer i am Smiling

This should take you too my profile where you can add me cos i dont think my profile is private Smiling

Hi Chrissy

Are you on Facebook?

I didnt know she was still touring here in December.
Im addicted now. lol

haha cool.
well im going MEN with the girl with the p!nk hair in oct then going echo with my bro and then going MEN in december with the my other mate i went with.
yer i recorded it Laughing out loud im gonna go watch it in a mo.
ive bin distracted gettin tickets for the MEN 13th december show Sticking out tongue

it wasnt the venue cos the trapeeze was actully set up, which makes me think it was either because of an injury to herself or her dancer she does it with. Hopefully get to see it in october tho!!

I wonder why Pink didnt do any of her trapeeze stuff at Liverpool?
I thought the venue wasnt big enough or something, still amazing though tricks or not lol

Hi Chrissy

Yeah we are going early again, now Ive been at the front no way am I standing anywhere else!
Are your friends you went with last week not going again?
I was in work this morning when all my mates starting texting me sayin Pink was on This Morning so managed to get to a Tv intime to watch it lol

hey cat

no that was one of the other mates Kath, i went in just behind her. She has loads of tattoos tho! there pretty cool Smiling
yer i was made up! half 4! yer lucky them lol, my mate and bro came at like half 5 and everyone started singing "to the back, to the back, to the back!" lol i told them they wudnt be able to get in the cue at that time tho haha
yer it thought there wud be more to be honest. im goin pretty early agen next time, cos once youve had a taste of being at the front you want it agen dont ya, im going with my bro and dad to liverppol, cant wait!!

Hi Chrissy

I remember your friend with the pink and blonde hair. Where you the one with the tattoos, you were in the middle of having a new one on your side?
How cool is that, your mate camping out for you. Me, my mate and her hubby sat there for ages waiting for our other mates to turn up, they eventually arrived at 4.30pm Lucky them! lol
I dont think ill get there as early next time, thought there would be way more people there than what there was.


haha well i was supposed to camp out but then i found out i had an exam so my mate with blonde and pink hair camped out and i met her there after my exam.
ahh cos my bro was around there an he just sed some1 got chucked out.
Ouch! £60 each, ow well i'm sure it will be worth it Eye-wink
yer im going! im goin to manachster the saterday b4 aswell Laughing out loud


I remember talking to you and friends but cant remember exactly who you were, me and my mate had pink vest tops on original lol
No the girls fighting behind us didnt get chucked out just a telling off by security!
I paid £180 for 3 tickets off ebay, sooo ripped off but what can you do!
You going to the Liverpool show again then on the 27th Oct?
Hey was it you that camped outside the arena? I remember people sayin they camped there

haha yer i remember him! Sticking out tongue i think i went in just in frount of yous! i may have even been speaking to ya b4 we went in. i was in the black p!nk t-shirt Smiling i ended up centre of the catwalk Smiling haha no im not surprised, one of them got chucked out didnt they?
sound Smiling how much did'ya have to pay?
i got mine when they were released so im sorted Laughing out loud
Cant wait for october!!

half 3 was when i got to newcastle, i was in front of the catwalk

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

I was in the standing que about 13th from the front, I got there at 9.30am
How about you?
You couldnt miss us, my mates hubby was wearing a pink wig lol
I was standing to the left of the catwalk too (right up to the barriers) and seen two blonde girls fighting (the were right behind us) no way was we letting them to the front though!
Just got tickets off ebay for 27th at Liverpool again (got majorly ripped off ) but hey its worth it!

there was a little bit of fighting at newcatsle too, and yeah people were passing out everywhere, some woman was sick right near me and then passed out!!

and arent you to lucky, getting kisses and being sung to by P!nk!!! Laughing out loud

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

hey i was there to! Laughing out loud

i was at the end of the catwalk on the barries and she sang part of just like a pill to me! it was amazing, her eys are just captivating!!

yer it was a shame about the fighting, the one that was slightly left of the catwalk was just some drunk woman causing s***! and she was removed by the well managed security in my opinion Eye-wink

it was the best night of my life tho!!

btw which cue were u in?? i could have been near you?


Can I just say also that some of the crowd in Liverpool, (a very small percent) what the hell was the fighting about in the arena???
That was totally un-called for, also everyone was droppin like flies, people passing out all over the place!
Pink rocked though of course also heard her doin her sound check before the concert, I do think i will never get that close again, but thanks for the kiss Smiling