manchester 25/4/09

manchester 25/4/09

OMG! just saw pink at the men arena in manchester and i cannot tell you how much of a ruch i still have, from seein her rise from the stage to the AMAZING performance of sober (to which i cried to) from start to finish brilliance.

i know you prob get this every time but please please (dont leave me) lol! reply to this message. i know you get this from alot of fans but i saw ur geuine side tonight when you opened that present on stage you were truely blessed you are a performer a star and one that i am goin to see again in october and will happily give up two hours of my life to watch you agian. you know how to put on a show thats for sure. im sure you have access to the info i have just given on my profile, just for a 5 minute phone call (just withold your number) would actually make my year. i know its alot to ask of you but i would love to just congratulate you over the phone so you can just hear how much i mean evey word im saying.

your a rock star little miss and one i amglad to say im a fan of.

yours hopefully petey.x

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do you get pre sale tickets on this site ?

l mcardle

it was a group called raygun who supported pink at the MEN arena, the performance was out of this world!! truely amazing performer!! loved the whole thing from start to finish,
Emma xx

omg saw pink at men arena it was fab so good i cant even explain how to say it!!
i also cant belevie my dad told pink 2 months ago to sing family potrate just for me because it is 1 of my fave songs she sings at the men arena on 25 april which she did so thanks very much and cant wait till your next tour i will be there lol please please replay to my message !!!!!

OMG!!!! saw pink in Manchester 25th april...I have to agree i was totally blown away!!!! It was anamzing show. I managed to get a good seat (which cost me the earth might i add LOL) I was on the left hand of the stage near the front....i stood up the whole time and rocked out!!!! When she came to my side she looked right at me....It just felt unreal, like a dream or something. When she revealed herself in that saucy red outfit my fiance nearly died i think!!! He loved it too!!! obsolutely amazing!!!! ..................just got tickets for Sheffield now!!! WAYHEY bring it on!!!6 months and counting LOL


Pink Lady xxx

Saw Pink on Saturday night, she was fantastic, my daughter was amazed said it was best concert shes ever been too. My other daughter wants to go and see her now. I will have to get tickets for October we cant wait to see her again.

I was there on Saturday night too, absolutely amazing show, and way better than the last tour which I didn't think was possible.

Hopefully getting tickets for the October dates too, just hope something like Boring gets put in the setlist... pretty please

Hi can someone please tell me who supported pink , thanks


wahay....went to see pink at manchester M.E.N arena...and it was bloody brilliant...she is absolutely amazing live and the singing is amazing...the band/ the dancers n the rest o the crew brought the whole show togeva....hell i enjoyed it that much ive got tickets t see her again in oct at wait t go again..........the part where she opened up the present on stage and put the necklace on were pricless... P!nk is a legend and a team
all in all...just wanna congratulate you P!nk on a fab show....a fab nite.....hell i wa tipsy and had the best nite to that, a BIG THANKYOU for doing what u do n doing it well...i will see you again in oct....just 6months t wait.. Laughing out loud
peace, light and love to all

In glasgow it finished about 10.45,i imagine it will be around that time.

Hey quick question what time did the concert finish?