New Venue for Perth WA

New Venue for Perth WA

Hello Pink!! Hopefully someone from your tour organization reads this. Am a major fan, not your typical fan as I am a 37 year old Bank Manager. Absolutely loved your first concert in Perth at Challenge Stadium, the sound and the show you put on was awesome. Best concert I have ever been to, and we go to lots. WAs so disappointed when your latest tour was announced at the Dome. The sound really echo's in there and it is very hard to actually hear what you are singing. When you do your campfire section, you cannot hear a word you are saying as it is all muffled and echoey!! Please please please WHEN you come back agin, please choose another venue, go back to challenge or try ME stadium. I know the DOME probably gets you more money, but trust me if you could actually hear the sound quality from in those seats, you would not want to go back again. Have bought your fun house DVD so I could actually hear the concert and you are just fabulous. Play it everyday when I am on my walking machine and the first time my husband and I watched it, we went, "oh this is what she sounded like". Please, no more Dome, put a forum out and ask your Perth fans what the quality of the sound was like so you get a feel of how it went down. Hope to see you back here soon.

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I'm with you haylesmandurah. The Doome sucks. They should have left it at Wamu and added an extra date. $ and time talks though

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