A note

A note

It starts online
in sum silly chat room
now I don't want you to leave me alone
checking my phone every other minuet just to see if your texting

this must be madness
all you can do is bring me sadness
this is – purely just a fling for you
I don't wanna get in too deep
coz I can just see you making me weep

but even – as I – try
to pull away
all I wanna do is stay and play
playing with myself
playing with you
are you playing with my mind

maybe this is what I get
karmas little plan to make me think
before I judge
how other people find love

but I'm hooked on you
wishing you feel the same way too
its mainly sex
but what about the rest
the things you do
how you make me feel

I'm distracted
acting like a spastic
with out you how can I cope
your like my dope

I cant tell my friends
in case your making jokes, laughing bout me round your ends
so please
I need to know
is this just a game
is this lust gonna bring me pain

before I slip and trip
and tumble into your heart
I wanna know I this is worth a start
a middle but never a end
-hopefully- if this ain't for pretend
just leave me a note.