Pink in the US

Pink in the US

Hi when would Pink be touring in the States next?? and when this does happen will it be posted right away??? Really am a fan and cant wait to see her in concert Smiling Thanks to anyone who can answer my question.

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I would love to see you play in Milwaukee, WI

Pink, you gotta do Kansas City MISSOURI. We are CRAVING Pink in KC.

It would be sooooo awsome if you come to salt lake city in ut. Me and my oldest is one of the bigest fans.


Texas! hope she can come in late November for my 16th birthday!

YES MINNEAPOLISSSSSSSSSSSSS PLEASE PINK! I have been to a few there. I really enjoyed you when you did the Orpheum Theater. The sound was amazing, and I liked the feeling of it. I enjoyed you way better when you did your own concert and not opening for Justin. I want to seee YOU!!!!!!!!! I brought my 60 yr old father to your show last time, Now my mom and dad both want to go with me the next time you come. It would be for great Memories! HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!!


Would LOVE to see you in MINNEAPOLIS!!!! My best friend and I saw you in Dallas. You and your crew were amazing now you need to come back to the states and do another tour here!!!