Pink was Awesome in Perth!!

Pink was Awesome in Perth!!

jus wanted to say Pink was fukin awesum at the dome~!!! never seen a better entertainer. Thanks for the privlidge Pink!! Keep Rockin xxx =)

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yeah it sure was an experience i will never ever forget i waited in line all day for that spot and was so worth it hope you get a good spot on the 13th

Juliagrace, you are the luckiest dudette ever!!!! I'm on the floor at Melbourne on the 13th and up amongst the Gods on the 14th, I'm hoping to get close on the 13th, but I don't think I'll get that close.

So I'll cash my cheques and place my bets,
and hope I'll always win,
even if I don't I'm f***ed because
I live a life of sin

Are you hiding in the closet
Are you underneath the bed
Did you go for a long walk off a short pier
How come you're not here!

It was the best concert i have ever been to!!!!!!,
I was just behind the weekchair barrier, Got some good photos.

wasnt she just i was right down front on barrier so unbelievably awesome i held her hand twice!!!!