Please don't leave me video

Please don't leave me video

How awesome is the please don't leave me video?
It starts of farrrr too nice and then next thing she cocks her head and things go insane.
It reminds me of Rocky Horror Picture Show, Misery and The Shining smushed together. I don't know if these are what were being reference but either way it wa great.

P!nk knows how to make psychotic hot.

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I love the whole video. Love the outfits, love the song any guess I just love the whole video?!
neurotrashd try youtube, works everytime for me.

It won't play for me...just goes to Sober! Not that, that's a bad thing...but now I really want to see it! It plays every other vid!!
This is my first post ever here! HELLO! And WAHHHH!
Happy Thursday, Mich
BTW: I am really not a whiner, but after reading your reviews....sniff-sniff! I gotta go try more to see this new vid....

It's awesome Smiling

that vid is really freaky it cool doe.
i love the end when she just looks all mad. and also the bit where he tries to go out the door and the dog just jumps at

but the video is a bit twisted because its lyk i will break you down so you cant run away.
kinda you'll stay here and you'll like it weather you want to or not lol.

Nostalgia is only made worse over time, if only we could go back to a time when we werent nostalgic.

omg its sooo kewl my fave bit is at the end where shes chasin afta him she rox!


It's a awesome video.

I love it.

We're all P!nk on the inside