P!nk Come to Florida

P!nk Come to Florida

Pink needs to make a stop in Sunny Florida!!! We were excited to hear that she was coming back to the states!! But very unhappy to hear she will not be making a stop in Florida!!! I would love to see her and the Ting Tings.............Missed them at the Social in April because of a accident I had......P!nk Come to Florida!!!!!!!!!!!

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come to FLORIDA... bring Glider in the Air !!! and every song you possibly can sing and will bring!!!!! let's MAKE the AMWAY CENTER a FUN HOUSE!!!! LOL


I think she will work on a new album when she gives birth to the baby --spend time with her addition to her family then tour!! Hope so! Eye-wink

P!nk REALLY needs to come to florida for her next tour (after she has her baby of course,congrats!)

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The last time she was here was like in 2006 when she came to perform at Janis Landing :'( I was too young then.....................COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sign our petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/pinkfunhousetour/ and help us try and convince her to bring her Funhouse Tour back to the US! It's quick and no registration necessary!

I recently turned 30 and still have yet to go to a concert. After purchasing the "funhouse" CD, which included the DVD of Pink's Austrailia concert...I was so stoked to see when you would be here in Florida. I have desided that your concert will be my first and I also plan to get the best seats possible...Please consider coming to Orlando...!!!!! you're AWESOME!!!!

I'm in Tampa too!!! Please come here or at least to Orlando! or Atlanta! I will travel and I'm sure every other fan will.

Going to a pink concert is on my bucket list.. needs to happen!

I for one was extremely disappointed and heartbroken because she skipped Florida. I've been waiting since her album dropped to see her live in concert. Most of her concerts were overseas and not in the US. I don't mind her touring overseas because I know the world loves her but I feel snubbed at not having the chance to see her. I can understand if I was in some unknown and unpronounceable city but I am in Tampa, Florida.

I thought everyone had heard of Florida. We have Disney! We have Busch Gardens! We have lots of snowbirds and old people that move here to live out the last of their lives.

I guess we are not important considering the whole state was skipped. Ouch.

I've been checking this website and Ticketmaster since her album came out and nothing was EVER scheduled. I guess if I ever want to see Pink live then I need to move to England or Norway or some other place like that.
Dying a slow neverending death until I can see Pink in concert.

Dying a slow neverending death until I can see Pink in concert.