P!NK in Melbourne - 14th July 2009

P!NK in Melbourne - 14th July 2009

Just before Pink sung 'I Don't Believe You' the arena was very still and silent, Pink left her fans in an emotional state as the lights shun upon the crowd.
I was very far away from Pink, but I stood up amongst the silence and I screamed out 'I LOVE YOU P!NK' and she looked up and said 'thank you!'.
My Mum started to cry! Haha, I was shocked.
What an amazing moment, I wonder if she actually saw me.
f*** she's so sexy!

I'll say it over and over again...I love you Pink.
You inspire me so much.
And I long for the day we meet, I am just as crazy as you!
- Desiree xx

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we were at the same show and you say it all for me. She really is the best in the world and I was lucky enough to see her twice and would go a third time if I could. I am not joking when I say that just before you shouted out...my daughter and I were JUST about to but you beat us to it. You are so lucky!
Pink is amazing!

Wow, I'm alot like you guys, never followed a celebrity in my life either!

I went to the 24 June and 15 July concerts, and am going again on 19 August. I have never been to two concerts of the same tour EVER, let alone three!

Around the beginning of May I stopped smoking, after 32 years of more than a pack a day (I was most depressed because of it) and then suddenly on 31 May I lost my Dad. Needless to say I was very lost and upset, but just like aussieprincess found myself smiling knowing that I was going to see P!nk.

I had such a sensational time at the 24 June Concert, I was SO PUMPED after it (and I only had Restricted Rear View tickets) that I just had to go again and see it from the front, cause I had no idea what the front of the stage even looked like. I also wanted to take my two kids to their 1st ever concert - what an initiation to concerts! Well, July 15 couldn't come around fast enough! But when it did I was absolutely blown away by P!nk and everyone's performance. They were all brilliant. It was sensational to see the whole stage and everything going on. It was very hard to know where to look because there was continual non stop action. (And, btw, where did the two big blow up clowns suddenly appear from???) My two boy's are now ruined for life cause no other concert they could ever go to would be anything like this one!

I now can't wait for 19 August to arrive, so I can go for the 3rd time.

P!nk, your concert (it really is a show, not a concert) is the best concert I have ever been to in my whole 45 years. You have even beaten Pink Floyd at Rod Laver Arena a number of years ago - they were the best I had ever been to until I went to yours. You inspire me. Thanks so much.

You are absolutely AWESOME!!!! Smiling

I was at that concert. It was a great show. I think because they had just come back from a break, everyone's energy on stage was really amped up. We all laughed when you yelled out, because I think everyone there was thinking exactly the same thing, but was too scared to yell it out.
After the concert I discovered I had lost my voice because I had sung along to every song, in a very loud voice. I don't think the people in front of me appreciated it though, apparently I can't hold a tune. . . .
I'm going again on the 29th of July, but I don't have very good tickets, they're restricted viewing. I can't wait to see her again, the show is absolutely spectacular, and I could never get too much of P!nk. I also have tickets to the 12th and 13th of August, and the12th is on the floor. I'm hanging out for that one!
Is it possible for one woman to be the coolest chick going round and at the same time the hottest? She is.

9 days to go!!

F*** for parts that's just not how I roll, move it on down the road . . .

Are you hiding in the closet
Are you underneath the bed
Did you go for a long walk off a short pier
How come you're not here!

I am like you girls. I don't get involved with Celeb hype but P!NK is something else. I'd love to meet her because she just seems so real. I'm going for the second time in August and already can't wait for her to come back next time around.

Her music has meaning for everyone and it has comforted me in bad times too.

thanks so much P!NK, our honourary Aussie!

it's like... you're the swingset... and I'm the kid that falls

it's like... you're the swingset... and I'm the kid that falls

Wow, what an amazing story.
Yeah I am like you in the sense that I never really chase the celebrities either.
But Pink is just something else as you already know!
Aww, I am so glad to hear that you remember that moment!
I will remember it forever!
I am so sorry to hear about your loss, somethings happen which are beyond our control, and it's not fair most of the time.
But it makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed the night.
Keep smiling Aussie Princess. =]

We love you Pink.
Thank you for everything.

- Desiree xoxo

- Desiree xoxo

I remember that moment!!

I have lucky enough to see Pink TWICE I was at the July 14th show and the June 24th show..
I cant get enough of her seriously...I wanna go back... could I make it a 3rd time??? lol

As per Pinks instructions I came home and checked out the humping turtle for a laugh lol

Anyway Im not usually a "celeb" chaser but I just adore Pink and after recently losing my son when he was 5 weeks old I was so lost and think about it all day long everyday but I found myself really letting go for the first time since he passed away and ended up having a blast at the show so just incase Pink actually see's this I just wanted to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart you helped me smile during a time I thought I would never be able to smile again...

You are amazing Pink xxx