P!nk to play Hampden Park, Glasgow next summer

P!nk to play Hampden Park, Glasgow next summer

June 25th 2010 and the stadium is next to my house.

All great news.....except....I wont be in Scotland!! Sad

I've already booked up for an L Word Convention down in Birmingham, which was originally to be held end May but moved cos some fat cats needed the convention hotel.

I had to leave P!nk's gig in Glasgow a few weeks back due to threats from a group of drunken women way older than me. Was gutted. Had waited all year for that one. Then I read P!nk plays Glasgow again. I thought, 'there is a god'. No Fabi there aint.

Right now I feel a lot of hatred towards the women who were gonna 'give me a doing for daring to be standing where THEY wanted to. I am angry with myself for leaving...and gutted I'll be out of the country the only time I am at all!

Enjoy the show for me, all you who are going. Luv ya all xxx

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Sounds like the fantastic *sarcasm* time I had the last time I was at Hampden, luckily enough Security were on my side, had seen everything that happened and the stupid boots were kicked out! I was totally panicking they were going to be waiting for me outside, but luckily enough I had my car parked in the Red car park @ Hampden so got out quick and hid in the car! The thing I totally don't get is why do you go to a gig that you have waited months to go to, get absolutely hammered, so bad that you won't remember any of it the next day? I just don't see the point of it! Okay have a couple of drinks, but what's the point of getting absolutely bladdered?

Anyway, off on a tangent, that's totally cr@p about the dates clashing. Could you not book tickets for a different venue, so you don't miss out?

You were standing beside me! Shocked I heard her giving you abuse. if your the same person, aha sorry if you not. but l do know alot of drunken people were giving abuse. it was shocking! did you have 3 girls standing beside you and talking to you and you were with your friend? x

*Its Like Your The Swingset & Im The Kid That Falls ... <3

*Its Like Your The Swingset & Im The Kid That Falls ... <3

I can't wait Smiling x