Pre Ticket Bookings

Pre Ticket Bookings

Does anyone know if you can get Tour tickets earlier than 4th Nov before they go on sale?
Also does anyone know if Pink has a Golden Circle at the front of her gigs?

Please help

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hi, does anyone know whos supporting her?

got mine today Smiling

and you can use the code up til 8 am 2nd nov if that helps folks

I've just booked my tickets for shows in Manchester and Liverpool!! It said on itunes that you could only use your code once but that's a load of carp, I tried it again and it worked!! Woohoo cannot wait!!!

did anyone get their code from itunes ?

iTunes Presale:
Start:Fri 31/10/08, 11:00
End:Sun 02/11/08, 08:00

Hope that helps, I just booked 4 tickets using to itunes code Smiling

~ Answers only bring more questions ~

finally!!!! got my password from itunes .....................woohooo!

peskyesk !! xx

Ive just signed up and paid to be a memeber on a ticket site, as the are releasing pre sale tickets on Sunday
I cannot wait!!!

Yippee, got my password today so all set for booking tomorrow morning!!!! Smiling

For people who pre-ordered the Funhouse album off iTunes (between certain dates) should get an email by 31st October, it'll include a code/password to be able to purchase tickets at 11am on 31st October. Then Ticketmaster have their presale which goes onsale at 9am on 2nd November. Tickets go on general sale on 4th November.

anyone got codes yet?

peskyesk !! xx

UK Manchester Venue tickets go on pre-sale with itunes code Friday........general sale Tuesday. Does anyone know the difference?
Thing Is I ordered Boyzone tickets via fan pre-sale last year and they were unknown seats.....couldnt select choice of seating.
IF I wait til Tuesday I will be able to select seating, but will I not get good seats? Will all good seats be taken by itunes codes?
Never know what to do in this situation.
I already have Funhouse so dont REALLY want to buy it again on itunes just to get a code and not get good seating.
Anyway info much appreciated
Thanks x

I have also downloaded the album from itunes but did not recieve a code for tickets
To recieve this code did you have to pre order the album before it was released?

I have not got my code yet.

I think the code will come today or tomorrow...i hope anyway

ive sent an email across to itunes asking them when we should get the code im hooked on my emails waiting

Another one over here without a code, anybody else checking their email an unhealthy amount of times!

im worrying tooo!! ive still not got my presale special code yet!!argghhh!!

i pre ordered the ablum too and downloaded it and still havent recieved a code. i wont be happy if i dont get my tickets. does any one know who you can email to find out whats going on

I read in the small print on the bottom of an email (I think) that that codes would be sent after the 27th with a link to purchase them. It didn't state when but hopefully not too long.

still not received anything either... very annoyed about it.... who do i complain to?

Well I have had this same offer before when I pre-ordered the NKOTB album and they sent me the code the day before the pre-sale. I wouldn't panic. It will get to you.

I have pre orderd and had a receipt and conformation but no word of a presale or code. Im rather annoyed..... do u know who i would contact about this?!

I have had the email today allowing me to download the album but no code received from itunes or ticketmaster?! Does anyone know how to get this password?

Thanks xx

I have pre ordered but not got a code yet either!!!!! Made it out would receive after 10pm 26th October!

Hi i have pre ordered from itunes but i haven't got my code and have been checkin my emails daily and yes i have checked my spam filter so just a question do you get the code when you pre odrer or is it when you download? ............worrying now !

peskyesk !! xx

If you get the code from itunes after pre ordering the album, do you have to use it before a certain date or just aslong as its before the 4th nov? Its just i wanna get early tickets but wont have the money till just 2days before they actually go on sale so just wanna know if u can use da code that close?x

Pink tickets are available from certain websites but they are charging alot more for them than what they are when released

Looking for meet n greet info if anyone can supply.....??????

Itunes does indeed give presale codes on receipt of a pre-order of Funhouse - limited to 4 per order and available for 1 concert only - already done it and received confirmation from itunes.

So does anyone know if my information is right.... i pe ordered the album but did not recieve any acknowledgement from itunes mentioning about a pre sale.... i read on the old forum that they go on sale for uk dates on 31 October 2008 and you are only limited to four tickets. AGAIN do not know if this is true. Trying to get the right information on here is like drawing blood from a stone!

don't know about in the uk but in holland we can buy presale tickets this thursday. I know sites to buy tickets for the concert in holland, but for in the uk i haven't seen any pre-sales.

P!NK, you were great at the Beatstad Festival.

thanks for making it the best day of my life... Laughing out loud

No she dont have a golden circle sorry

As far as i know from the information i got on the forum, if you pre order the album from itunes they will give you a password for a presale on 27 October 2008.... No idea if this is true because i have yet to find an official announcemnet confirming this!