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If there was ever a musical Instrument
That resembled you,
It was the Saxaphone
Curved, shiny, wind powered
A husky breath pushed across your reed
Whilst fingers frantically try to
Keep up with your message
Soulful, tantalizing and teasing
Your notes tell the story
Of passion not captured by another
Though rivaled by the violin
Capable of singing and weeping
with each exhale
Each breath speaks your life
Brassy, yes brassy
Bold and sassy, then soft, demure
A song so powerful yet submissive
With each and every bleat
Your character, feeling and pure emotion
Hangs aloft long after the band has broken
Floating ever nightward
With no coda, nor refrain
No need really, because
Your song never ends
For those who knew and loved you

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i like this poem very nice and creative don't know much about saxaphones

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