Stay away from me!!

Stay away from me!!

Who are you? Who am I? Who are we?
We both changed so much
To you all the time I clutch
But you don’t even notice that I exist
You deserve to be punched with a fist

I am not the same careless girl
My character is not bright like a pearl
You took the girl I used to be
To get her back I beg you on my knee
Unfortunately you made a sharp crack in her heart

That crack is getting deeper and deeper
At the same time you are getting cheaper
You taught me how to hate you
All the time I want to shout at you:
“Stay away from me!!!”
“Let me move on with my life!!”
But you are making it harder by showing up
Stop hanging out with my friends
They are not something that someone lends

You are even smoking weed
Before it was me that you used to need
What the hell is wrong with you?
Who is that best friend that I used to know?
Without direction is how you started to flow
You acted cool like nothing had ever happened
And for that it is another burning bruise that you had opened

I am trying to dig and step on our story
You and I could have been living in glory
But no you flared any chance we could have

For two years I was chained as your slave
Is that fair?
Do you even care?
I need to intensify my bleeding heart
Which you had cruelly stabbed her with a flying dagger
In that way my joyful life swayed away like a flying feather.