An unexpected friend

An unexpected friend

It was four years ago
in the middle of summer which brings us no snow
where you enterd in our kitchen
and you even wanted to stay in

I wish I called you Gaga instead of Shakira
but in that era
she was rising to fame
so I gave you her name

It's me that you only allow to touch you
and make me smile whenever i feel so blue
I wish it's the same language that we speak
To understand each other I seek

Your colours are so brightfull
You are so sweet unlike a bull
You have green,orange,yellow,white,blue and black
and all the time you want me to snuggle your neck

We give company to each other
and I protect you like I'm your mother
But sometimes you are very noisy
How I wish you are not that lazy

From across the house to each other we whistle
and if someone hurts you i will bristle
Sometimes it's us that you annoy
but its fun to play with you like a toy

You are better than a human
You don't have that cruelty of a man
I am sure from you, I will never get betrayed
Hope away you will never fade

It's my fingers you used to bite
and with you I used to fight
Now we have a strong bond
and together we swim in a pond

I love you so much
and to you I will clutch
Wish you never die
Hope away from me, you won't fly

I hate seeing you locked in that cage
You should be free,drifting in the sky at your age
but if I let you go,you will die of hunger
which to let that happen I wouldn't dare
Or someone else it's you that may snach
Than I try to figure out how it's you I will fatch

Therefore I will keep you safe for myslef.