Why almost NO U.S. concerts?????

Why almost NO U.S. concerts?????

My friends and I have been waiting to see P!nk in concert for years. Finally, she has her biggest hit album ever - two Number Ones in the US, four Top Ten songs from "Funhouse" so far, including one of the biggest singles of the year with "So What" and yet....



Why P!nk? Why is your home country being denied?? I know SO many people who are huge fans, who would love to see you live and yet you hit the West Coast, touched one city in the Upper Midwest, one in the South and a couple of Atlantic cities and THAT'S IT?????

The last time you performed in our city (Cleveland - Home of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame), you were the opener for Justin Timberlake. Who wants to be crushed by screaming pre-teens angling for Justin when you really want to see P!nk?? And see her be the true headliner she has always deserved to be!?!?

Why aren't you touring the U.S. when you are the hottest you have ever been in this country??

So many of us in "middle" America are dying to see you perform live.

Please, P!nk, please! Please come home!!!