Your verdict on Oz Idol's Pink night!

Your verdict on Oz Idol's Pink night!

I must say...i was very dissapointed....really only 2 performances of the night were any good, the performance of Family Portrait and Hayley's kick ass version of Funhouse.....the rest...well how do i put this lighty..they...ummmm...well they sucked!!

I think last night did prove one thing, how unique Pink really is, her songs are written for her, for her voice, and for her personality, she injects a little peice of Pink into every song...and i beleive thats why her songs are so difficult to cover and do any justics to...some of the other performances were okay...i kinda liked the country versios of Trouble..and Just Like A Pill was okay too...but other than that....i must say i was dissapointed..most of them seemd to make a mockery of Pinks music and didn't take the songs well written they are and the meanings behind them...I'm glad they had a Pin k night,,i think Pink deserves that kind of recognition....but i was very dissapointed in the overall result.

What did you guys think?

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gail nobody can sing like our PINK, they were ok just.i think Haley did the best .doing Funhouse.


Agree, the singer who sang So What was absolutely terrible. It wasn't even slightly o'k. The whole show was very dissapointing. Although in defence of the singers - P!NK is a very hard act to follow.

P!nk's Aussie Hoe

The 'performers' who did "So What" and "Please Don't Leave Me" should be charged with causing crimes against music - they were truly painful!!!

i was dissapointed the only two i really liked was family portrait and funhouse! but then again p!nk has set a VER VERY high standard and as her voice is so unique no one would be able to sing as good.

but i did enjoy funhouse and family portrait

I LOVE P!NK!!!! she is my favourite singer EVER!!! XD
best albums best voice best looks
everything about p!nk ROCKS!!!
wish i could meet her

spreading p!nkianity to the WORLD

I saw it. Ewww...Family Portrait and Who Knew was OK. But PDLM was a JOKE! Haha..that is the best song on earth, and he sang like a country woozy drunken from a beer-house.


i reakon who knew was pretty gud,
and i liked funhouse.
obviously no one is better than miss moore <3 Eye-wink

might just have to look that one up on YT then! Smiling

"bad but i missed Family portrait"

It was sung with the same pasion and emotion as Pink herself...for me..that was the standout performance from a singer i've hated all season. It was as if it were her song..not a was amazing!!

We're all P!nk on the inside

We're all P!nk on the inside

"i think it was always going to be hard - considering the standard p!nk herself has set.
so they did okay considering."

I actuallu kind of dissagree....TBH..there are some talented singers in Idol this year...and they could have done so much better...most of them just seemed like they weren;t into it...and most seemed not to take it seriously..and the ones that did...well..they are th ones that did a good job..

We're all P!nk on the inside

We're all P!nk on the inside

i liked funhouse, JLAP wasn't too bad but i missed Family portrait.
i think it was always going to be hard - considering the standard p!nk herself has set.
so they did okay considering.

was very excited that they had a p!nk night - only time ive watched idol this season haha.

I was so looking forward to watching Idol cause of P!nk night but was so dissappointed. They were all crap except for family portrait. As all you guys have said it shows how awesome P!nk is and how easy it looks when she sings her songs but when other people sing her songs they dont even come close. It proved how talented a performer she is. I was proud of oz that they chose to have a P!nk night for her.

I nearly didnt watch it. I agree.... way too soft. Its disappointing because we listen to her every day and anything that isnt her voice isnt good enough. Im guessing one of the boys will go home. We couldnt not watch the show.

Missy xx

I cant help it, I like to party

Missy xx

Yep, totally agree - wasn't all that surprised though. Way too soft. It will be very interesting to see the bottom 3 as I'm sure a fair few P!nk followers would have been watching and only support those who did a half decent job the others will be crucified for sure.