With P!nk!!

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Annashita 7 years ago

wow, i'd do everything for 5 min just talking to her,. But there not a chance in the world that i can meet her. Sad

Just be yourself - Life to short to be anyone else.

YannickCasiez 7 years ago

youre guys are so lucky! lucky lucky lucky! I hope one day I can backstage or something!

pinkfan01 7 years ago

you people are so lucky. I would kill if i had the chance to meet that wonderful superstar we all know as p!nk. She seems like such a nice person and i would do anything to meet her

lets get this party started WOOOW

PinkChick 7 years ago

Wow guys yh u r lucky and i hope i will 1 day can wait til 23rd of august gunna b mazin...omg i might b able to meet her then.....ahhhh!!
P!nk wait outside for me Lol!
I'll do what i want Cuz I Can!

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

pinkrules 7 years ago

i wish i was one of u lucky people to meet her i hope my day will come off to london tomor 14th august to see her live cant wait hope i meet her xxxx ya soooooooooooo lluucckkyy xxxxx