Beautiful Nightmare

Beautiful Nightmare

today was the day

when I finally tripped over

my own realization of

exactly what you are

and was at once amazed

that I did not know it


You stare at me

hesitantly with your eyes


even though they are the gold

of foam flecked ale,

how you struggle to stay in line

with the character whose

role you abducted

and refuse

to see me as I am seeing you,

refuse to see

how clearly I am seeing you.

How is it

I am content

to wait for the merest suggestion

of that sly

and secret smile

I have only ever seen you


when I

say something to you and your thoughts in

response are painted

perfectly in that smile

which you only smile

when you have dropped

your gaze from

my own.

You are such

a delicious contradiction

with your opinions

and views conflicting

neatly one with the other.

It makes my

mouth water.

I can see you on canvas

but I’m standing too

close to

paint you myself

so instead

I’m painting you here

with words.

and though I know

the futility of such

wishing, I still find myself

hoping one day

you’ll be my

beautiful nightmare… I

would never wake again.

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love it

~I just need a compass and a willing accomplice~


Sometimes the best thing you can do,is to live one day at a time.